“I had a backed up sewage pipe…”

Drain Plumber – The first company I called didn’t even lift the top off the drain – this was a supposedly reputable company with a full page ad in the yellow pages. The man said he didn’t even have to look at it, and that it was definitely my trap or near it based on the strength of the odour (yes, he really said that!). He said I had an old clay trap and for certain it was broken somewhere close, and scoping or snaking would be a waste of money. He said he would have to break up the floor and replace the trap and pipe up to 5 feet and then he could see whether any further work was required to clear the problem. He could have a crew in the next morning with a deposit.

I was skeptical that someone could know for sure with no inspection whatsoever so I found another company to call.

I am glad I did because not only was the first company wrong, but it would have cost me far more money to fix in the end. I called DrainWorks plumbers in Toronto and they sent someone out. After a snake pulled out a piece of cloth, Matt the Plumber was able to pinpoint the problem with the scope. There was a cracked pipe with a triangular section sticking in about 1.5 inches. – but it was 38ft away and nowhere near the trap, and everything but the cracked section was in great shape! Matt was knowledgeable, happy to explain everything in detail, described several possible scenarios, and happily answered all my questions. He was professional, thorough and courteous. I now know the pipe will have to be repaired but at least I know for sure where the problem is and have a visual confirmation. I am glad I did not pay a sketchy company a fortune to dig first and look later. DrainWorks does it the smart way of looking first with their drain camera inspection.

Drain Plumber.

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Thanks to Dave for the Kind Feedback ~ DrainWorks

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