You may know us well as the authorities on drain cleaning in Toronto. But some issues and clogs are located not right in or underneath your home, but rather more towards the street. Here’s some information about clearing catch basins. Overflowing Catch Basin

Customer Review by Richard from Toronto

Overflowing Catch Basin – “I called a few Drainage/Plumbing Contractors that I researched off the Internet and found DrainWorks to be the most responsive and professional in handling my call and listening to my problem. The 2 gentlemen (Lou and Eric) that came to my home (Sept. 11, 2012) were extremely polite, courteous and professional. They attentively listened to my issue (overflowing catch basin*) and offered simple and cost effective remedies to solve my problem. They walked me through the remedial steps of their plan to ensure I understood what they were doing, and showed me the problem once encountered. Problem has been fixed as all was flowing with yesterdays rain. The BEST compliment I could give these guys is that, if I had a Plumbing/Drainage company, I WOULD HIRE THEM TO WORK FOR ME! Thanks Lou, Eric and DrainWorks! Richard S.”

What is a *catch basin?

A catch basin is the grated opening along the sides of streets or at the end of your driveway that leads to the underground sewer system. Take a look at the below diagram for how the catch basin system works:

catch basin

Overflowing Catch Basin – This is a general catch basin setup that a Toronto plumber will usually come across, but they do vary depending on where they are located and their purpose. For catch basins located near the end of your driveway, they usually have a drain pipe leading from your house. It’s important to maintain the catch basin, even if it’s not specifically on your property. By helping to maintain it you are assisting the city but also yourself. If the catch basin becomes blocked such as in the above example, the basin could backup, either spilling water onto your lawn or driveway, and in some cases, even into your house through the drain line.

So it’s worth it to take the preventative measure of clearing any obstructions to your catch basin, which usually include leaves and debris.

But sometimes these things happen. And if it happens to you, we trust you’ll contact the plumbing Toronto experts at DrainWorks.

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