Back Water Valve – Here are a few reviews we received from customers who were very happy with our plumbing service – specifically, our honesty and integrity. Our Toronto plumbers take pride in the service they offer, which is why we are so appreciate of the reviews we receive.

“Great service. Another company said pipes were cracked, Drainworks tech Matt explained the problem, verified pipes were okay and took the time to help us understand how our system works. Solved the problem and saved us from a company that was trying to rip us off. Thanks Matt!”

Plumbing Review by J from Toronto

“Armando came to our home to do a camera inspection of pipes to see what we were dealing with in our 80+ yr old home that we had just moved in to. Armando was knowledgeable, honest and took the time to explain in detail what he found. He even discouraged us from getting a back water valve* installed, as he said it wasn’t necessary for our home. This could’ve been a $2000+ job for DrainWorks, so Armando’s honesty was truly appreciated.”

Plumbing Review by Jake in Toronto

*Back Water Valve

Take a look at the below diagram to understand when a back water valve is actually needed. You may not be able to determine this yourself, which is why you can trust DrainWorks for your plumbing in Toronto, such as Armando mentioned above, to tell you what you truly need and don’t need.

Essentially, if your home (including basement) is located above the level of an upstream manhole, you don’t necessarily need a back water valve. If any part of your house is below this line, you definitely need one, or one day you might have an unpleasant drain backup.

toronto plumbers determine backwater valve needThanks for reading.

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