Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Clear – As your leading provider of Toronto plumbing services, we’re always looking to lend a helping hand to our great customers. So here are some helpful tips for keeping your garbage disposal drain clear, clean, and smelling fresh.

1) On a regular basis, you should let the water run a little after using the disposal. This will help flush any left over bits that did not go down the drain yet. But of course, don’t run the water for too long, as after all, we want to conserve water.

2) Try grinding up a handful of ice cubes and citrus rinds in the disposal drain every month or so. The ice cubes help keep the drain clear and the citrus rinds provide a nice fresh scent. Essentially, if your disposal unit can handle hard materials, then grinding these will help knock away softer obstructions that are stuck in the drain.

3) You can also try plugging the drain and then filling the sink with a few inches of water and mixing in some baking soda. Turn on the disposal and remove the stopper. The high flow of water will help flush away food particles stuck in the chamber, and the baking soda will help with the odour.

4) It is always good practice to have a licensed Toronto plumber disassemble the pipes every few years and clean them out of the sludge buildup that could eventually cause a blockage or backup. Of course, we would be more than happy to help you with that.

Toronto Garbage Disposal Kitchen Sink

We hope these tips help keep your kitchen functioning well and smelling good!

Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Clear:

~ The DrainWorks Team.

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