Types of Plungers and Their Differences

Choosing the Right Plunger – When you think of a toilet plunger, you most likely think of the wooden pole with the red rubber suction cup at the end. But as anyone involved in providing Toronto plumbing services knows, this is the one type of plunger you should not use for a toilet.

Allow us to explain the differences:

This is the Standard Plunger.

The suction cup on the end works best on flat surfaces, such as for sink or shower drains. For the same reason, it is not as effective in toilet bowls because of the shape of the toilet. So although they are not the best plungers for a toilet, they are generally the best all-round plunger for any type of clogged drain in the home.


toilet plungerThis is the Flanged Plunger.

This plunger is best for toilets. The shape at the end allows for the plunger to seal to the bottom of the toilet, allowing for a strong force to clear the clog. You may be surprised at its own power, especially when compared to the above, Standard Plunger.


accordion plungerThis is the Accordion Plunger.

These plungers were designed to allow for more force and water to be pushed through the drain to clear tougher clogs. Yet although it has a similar seal at the bottom to the Flanged Plunger, they typically seal with slightly less effectiveness; however, the added pressure this design has offsets the diminished seal.


Tips for Using a Plunger:

  • Never use a plunger in unison with drain chemicals. It is very easy to get a splash-back that may result in dangerous chemicals being splashed around, possibly on your skin.
  • Do your best to get a tight seal. This will ensure the most powerful, and directed, force at the clog.
  • Try to let the air out of the plunger while its under water. Air compresses and does not act as a good force for clearing clogs. The plunger should only be pushing water.


Choosing The Right Plunger: We hope this information and tips helps for the next time you have a clog. If you find you are not having success with any of the above, the DrainWorks team of Toronto Plumbers are always happy and fast to help.

No luck with the plunger? Call in a plumber.

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