How To Prevent Bathroom Mould – No matter where you live, mould and mildew are both very common and frustrating bathroom problems. It’s especially hard to clean off mould once it’s already there, so the key is prevention.

Mould develops from moisture, plain and simple. So the more you can prevent moisture from clinging to all the walls of your bathroom, the better. As long as moisture persists, so will mould. Here are some specific tips to help you prevent moisture buildup – and eventual mould, in your bathroom.

  1. Well, the earliest stage of prevention is how you paint your bathroom. There are mildewcides that can be added to the paint you are using to help prevent future mildew growth.
  2. Make sure to have a well-running bath fan in your bathroom, and be sure to run it during your shower/bath and for about half an hour afterwards as well.
  3. Closed shower curtains prevent airflow to the tub/shower area, and can maintain moisture themselves. If you lift up the curtains and fold once over the shower curtain bar, this will help them dry and allow for air to circulate around the tub/shower area.
  4. After a shower, it is always best to squeegee the walls around you. This eliminates at least 3/4 of the moisture right off the bat – er, squeegee. Also be sure to mop or soak up any water on the floor as it appears.
  5. If your shower has tiles, seal them annually with a standard grout sealer.
  6. It’s all about air circulation to allow moisture to escape. So if it’s a nice day or if no one’s home (or even if they are and you’re comfortable with it), try opening the bathroom window and door.
  7. Even more so than just opening the window, make sure to open the blinds as well (at least after your shower). Sunshine is a natural enemy of mould, and will help prevent it from developing. Likewise, even leaving on the bathroom lights (if they are low-energy bulbs), this can also help detract mould from growing.
  8. Hot water obviously produces more steam, meaning more moisture in the air that gets on all the surfaces of your bathroom. So another way to prevent moisture buildup and mould would be to take cooler or cold showers (eek!) – although we realize not many people might be able to do this one!
  9. The more regularly you can clean your bathroom with your favourite mildew remover, the better as well.

How to prevent bathroom mould and mildew

We hope these tips help keep your bathroom mould and mildew free!

If you have any tips of your own or recommendations for cleaning products, feel free to share in the comment section or with us on Facebook.

Thanks for reading – from your trusted Toronto plumbing company!

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