Garbage Disposal Maintenance РThe garbage disposal unit is often the most misunderstood kitchen appliance. Many people might treat it like a regular sink, but in reality it has some special needs.

Now, as the plumbers Toronto trusts, we would love to help fix any issues for you – since that’s our job – but we also don’t want you to have to pay for something that wouldn’t be necessary with some basic maintenance and good care.

So here’s some helpful tips for taking good care of your garbage disposal unit.

Preventative Tips

  1. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! It’s important you run water through the disposal unit before, during and after disposing of food waste. This keeps the material flowing through, preventing it from building up and causing a jam – or possibly even burning our your motor!
  2. Use Cold Water! Why? Well if you use hot water it can separate certain substances off of the food waste that can then build up in the unit.
  3. Don’t Let Food Waste Sit! Never pour or dump waste into the unit before turning it on. This can be tempting, especially if you’re preparing a meal where it’s easy to put the food waste aside in the garbage disposal only to turn it on after dinner. This is not a good idea, because the acid from the food will immediately begin corroding the unit.
  4. Don’t Overwhelm It! Taking your time in feeding waste through the unit will put a lot less pressure on the motor and keep it running more efficiently and for longer.
  5. Watch Certain Types of Food! It’s never a good idea to put grease or fat down the drain, whether in liquid or solid form.
Garbage Disposal Maintenance Plumbers Toronto

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Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep it Sharp! If you notice the garbage disposal jams often or isn’t working as efficiently, it could be the sharpness of the teeth. You can try running coffee grinds or ice cubes (without water) through the unit to aid the teeth. Or just give us a call for our Toronto Plumbing services¬† and we’ll be happy to help!
  2. If it Jams… Fret not. Usually under the garbage disposal unit there is a little place where you can hand crank the unit with an alan key to get it turning again.
  3. If it Won’t Turn On… Most people think that if the unit won’t turn on that it’s an electrical issue. That’s possible of course, but first check under the unit to see the little red status light. Usually if there’s a jam a little button will pop out to avoid an overload. Just push this back in and it should reset itself.

And the last and final tip is to keep it clean! See our previous blog post on keeping your garbage disposal unit clear and smelling fresh!

We hope these tips help keep your garbage disposal unit running smoothly! And do keep in mind that if you end up with a clog, we’re experts in providing Toronto Drain Cleaning

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