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Plumbing iPad 4 Contest – Just last week we launched our first contest, where the grand prize is an iPad 4!

The reason we’re doing this contest is to reward our loyal customers of our plumbers in Toronto. You’ll see below in the different ways to achieve contest ballots that we’re encouraging you to leave reviews for us and refer friends on Facebook. They’re pretty easy ways to earn a ballot, and by you showing us these forms of support, we give you the chance to win this awesome new iPad.

Remember, this is the iPad 4 with retina display – the sharpest resolution on the market. Plus, the iPad we’re giving away has 3G, so you can set it up with your data plan to get internet anywhere you go.

The contest runs until the end of March, so there’s plenty of time to earn as many ballots as you can to increase your chances of winning!

Here’s how to enter for your chance to win:

Remember, you can complete any or all of the below to achieve a ballot for each method.

Use Our Service!

Been meaning to get something fixed? Are your drains or faucets not flowing as smoothly as they once did? Well, every service (invoice) issued by us during this contest earns you one ballot! Book an appointment here. or call 416-486-0000.

Once you use our service, be sure to click here to let us know your invoice number so we can enter it as a ballot.

Leave a Review!

We care a lot about real customer reviews from real customer experiences. Hearing from our customers helps us improve our service. For every review site you leave a review on (after using our service), earn yourself a ballot! (Reviews must be dated after February 6, 2013).

Eligible review sites include:

Once you leave a review, be sure to click here to let us know!

Refer 3 Friends on Facebook! (No purchase necessary)

Now this is a super easy way to earn yourself a quick ballot. Just follow the Facebook link below to visit the Facebook contest app and refer 3 friends. Once you refer 3 friends to like our page, you’ve earned yourself a ballot!

Visit our contest on Facebook to get started!

Please visit the contest page on our website to read more about the contest and rules.

Good luck, and thanks to all those who participate – Plumbing iPad 4 Contest

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