Go-To Plumber in Toronto – Below you will find a nice review by a recent customer of ours named Raj Sohi from Toronto Ontario:

“We had Drainworks repair the cracked clay pipe under the house and driveway and replace all the plumbing under four sinks. Armando advised us about the extent of work on the drains that really needed to be done right away after a drain camera inspection. He was thorough and came back and showed me what they had done with a second in drain camera inspection. We were pleased with his professionalism and honesty. Phil did the plumbing on the drains. He came and gave us an estimate for the work and then proceeded to do it the same day with our approval. He was very thorough and we really appreciated the attention he paid to details. He even fixed something another contractor had done poorly for no charge. He was also a lot of fun having around. He is going to be our go-to plumber in Toronto from now on.”

We thank Raj for his kind words and appreciation of our Toronto plumbing services.

Since this job involved a drain camera inspection which revealed the extent of the work needed to be done, here is a video showing just what the camera snake will expose in your drain pipes.

It may not be the most pleasant thing to look at, but it’s interesting to see and is very useful in exposing issues or potential issues that you can fix before they become major problems. In the particular case below (not related to above review) tree roots had blocked up 90% of the drain pipes.

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