Plumbing customer review by Rob in Toronto:

Plumbing Reviews For Kitchen Sinks –  “Kitchen sink drain started draining slowly and then clogged up. Had previously cleared a clog with my own drain snake. However this time, the clog was beyond reach of my snake. I have previously had DrainWorks in for several small plumbing issues such as a leaking bathroom faucet and replacing a failed shut off valve. They have done a great job on those previous cases. On the day of the appointment, the plumber phoned that he was running late and would arrive approx. 30 later. He arrived on the new time.

The plumber was friendly and efficient. After applying drop sheets under the sink, he quickly cleared out the clog by running 30 feet of snake into the drain. He also applied Teflon tape to the drain fittings as a precaution. When he was finished only a small amount of water under the sink needed to be wiped up – 1 paper towel. Once again, they have confirmed my trust in them. I will continue to call on DrainWorks for plumbing jobs that are beyond my rudimentary skills.”

Plumbing customer review by Joel from Mississauga:

“Very professional and honest. My case was difficult because there was no access to trap due stupid new home builder design. kitchen on 2nd story, trap was in between drywall on 1st floor ceiling. snaked through clean out. Was able to go past trap and clear obstruction. But now I want to locate the trap and rework the piping that our last company installed.”

Plumbing Reviews For Kitchen Sinks

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