Hidden Plumbing Leak – Plumbing leaks are not always obvious, and some can be quite well hidden. This just makes finding them all the more important, because everyday that a leak is building without you knowing, the more damage is being done.

Here are some helpful signs that you can keep watch for to signal a possible hidden plumbing leak in you home.

  1. Mold or mildew – NOT in the normal areas. It’s pretty common to have a little mold and mildew in shower corners where moisture inevitably builds up. We covered in a previous blog post how to prevent mold and mildew in these areas, but if you notice mold or mildew present in areas where it doesn’t typically occur, this could be a sign. Mold loves dark and moist areas. So check around your plumbing fixtures for any signs of mold. Remember the ‘tip of the iceberg’ saying, where a little mold likely means more behind the wall – and if that’s the case, there must be moisture behind the wall, which ussually means a leak.
  2. Bubbling, blistering, cracking, or stained wallpaper or paint. Normally, just steam from your shower shouldn’t cause paint or wallpaper on the walls to do this. So if you notice that the wallpaper is showing any of these signs, it’s likely because there is water coming in from the back.
  3. Warped drywall, wood, or baseboards. When drywall gets wet, it becomes soft and can warp – just like wood but even more so. If you notice any irregularities in the flatness or texture of a wall, this could be a sign. And once again, the steam from your showers should not cause this. You can also check basement baseboards for any warping or bending.
  4. Wet floor. If you notice your bathroom floor is somewhat bouncy, tiles are loose, or any staining, this is most likely a hidden water issue. Normal shower routines should not cause floor damage like this. Water could have leaked into the floor from a nearby pipe.
  5. Stained or sagging ceiling.  Check your ceilings below upstairs bathrooms. If it’s sagging or if there are any stains, this is very likely a water leak. But don’t look just underneath the bathrooms – water can travel a long way, and could show up in other parts of the house.

 Hidden Plumbing Leak Plumbers Toronto DrainWorks

  1. One of your rooms is cooler than the others. Water extracts heat faster than air. So if a room has a leak  in its ceiling, wall, or floor, it will likely be cooler than other rooms.
  2. Your water bill is increasing without any noticeable cause. This one seems self explanatory enough. An increasing water bill without any real difference in your routines should be a matter of suspect.
  3. Water where there shouldn’t be. Do you notice some areas are moist are wet when they generally are not?
  4. Sound. You might even hear a faint dripping sound at night if all else is quiet.
  5. Smell. Water leaks almost always become moldy, which can create an earthy or musty smell. Keep your nose open for such smells.

If you notice any of these signs, call upon your trusted Toronto plumbers to fix it for you – and ensure it doesn’t happen again. And even if you don’t see any of these signs of a plumbing leak, keep them in mind and always be on lookout for them. Detection is key. The earlier you can identify a leak, the faster you can give DrainWorks Plumbing a call, and the faster we can send a plumber in Toronto to help you and your home.

Need help spotting a leak? Book a Toronto plumber.

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