Basement Drain Fix – Below is one of our latest plumbing customer reviews by Susan Teague from the Scarborough area of Toronto.

Basement Drain Services

“DrainWorks was the second company I called for an estimate when my basement drain backed up. The first company quoted a very high price with a lot of work required and failed to even show me why it was required nor the results of the camera inspection.

When I contacted DrainWorks, I was told a plumber would arrive within 2 hours. Their technician, Matt arrived in 1 1/2 hours. He set up the camera inspection and walked me through the length of the drain, showing me the clogged areas and making recommendations as to what work was necessary. He wrote out a quote for me and detailed everything they would do. The work was supposed to be done the next week however there was a cancellation and work began and was completed that Friday to my complete satisfaction.

Basement Drain Fix Plumbers Toronto DrainWorks

On Monday, I met with Frank who completed the final inspection, asked if I had any other questions or concerns and advised that I contact the city to complete the work required on city property. This was completed within 2 days. I have nothing but compliments to give to DrainWorks for the professionalism that was displayed throughout the process, from the plumbing technicians to the office staff! If anyone speaks about plumbing problems, DrainWorks will quickly roll off my tongue as the best service I have received, ever! Thank you so much! Great job!!!!”

DrainWorks Response

We were so happy to hear about Susan’s appreciative comments, that we just had to respond with a thank you message:

“Thanks Susan, it was a pleasure reading this wonderful review you posted about the service you received from DrainWorks. Your review touches on many aspects that we at DrainWorks strive to be proficient in. It makes us very glad to know that our efforts are not overlooked and that by making customer service the bedrock of our company, things like honesty and respect are given a true value. DrainWorks is in the service business, it just happens that our business is plumbing and drains. Thank you in advance for any referrals you make on our behalf and thank you for choosing DrainWorks Plumbing.”

Thanks to Susan for choosing DrainWorks, and we hope you do too next time you have a plumbing problem needing fixing. Remember, we’re a service-first company. Basement Drain Fix.

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