Leaking Waterline – Today’s featured review is from our listing on HomeStars.com of customers David & Beverly Hogg who had an issue with an incoming waterline from the Toronto City’s source. Here is the review they left of our Toronto plumber service:

Leaking Incoming Waterline

“Water began bubbling up through our landscaping between the house and the Toronto city waterline supply. We had received accolades for landscaping because of the trees, bushes and rocks in place. We had to get it fixed within 30 days or be cut from the city supply. Since it was on our side of the valve we were responsible for the repair. Three quotes showed others ready to excavate and tear out the driveway, the floor of our garage and all our landscaping nurtured over the last 10 years.

Listening to Frank describe precisely how DrainWorks would go about doing it by hand to protect the landscaping, garage, and driveway was a total relief and we chose him and DrainWorks. In one day they opened 3 holes, used a torpedo, and left everything ‘as is’ on the surface untouched. By putting down drop cloths, and restoring the area to its natural state by dedicated workers – and delivering on everything that they promised… we would highly recommend them to anyone! We shudder to think what could have happened if we were at the hands of the other plumbing contractors that quoted.

Leaking Waterline Plumbers Toronto DrainWorks

DrainWorks, on behalf of our family, we sincerely thank you and were impressed from the ads online; with Frank’s details ahead of time as to exactly what was to be done; to the people you employ; and the cleanliness and order of your process… and, most of all – for your work you and thorough followup. Thank you!”

We have to say, this is probably one of our most appreciative reviews yet! We were so thrilled to hear these nice comments from David and Beverly that we had to give them a thank you ourselves:

DrainWorks Response:

**Thanks David and Beverley** It was an absolute pleasure reading your review and learning just how happy you were with the service. We certainly do make every effort possible and pay attention to detail to ensure our customers are satisfied. It is rewarding to know that we could be of assistance. From the DrainWorks staff to your family, thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback. We certainly do look forward to being the plumbing and drain service providers you will continue to rely on should you require assistance again in the future.

Thanks again to David and Beverly, and thank YOU for reading!

Leaking Waterline

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