Tips for a Clean Bathroom – Especially in the plumbing industry, chemical products are used quite often. Here at DrainWorks, all of our Toronto plumbing staff  likes to make what efforts we can to be conscious of the environment and especially in our business – water. That’s why we wrote a previous blog post on Tips for Conserving Water at Home.

Here are some great tips for you as the homeowner on how to have a ‘clean & green’ bathroom, saving you time, energy, and money all while being environmentally friendly!

Tips for a Clean Bathroom Plumber Toronto

  1. 1 minute of daily maintenance. When you get out of the shower or the tub, spend that 60 seconds to quickly wipe down the shower, tub and faucets with a cloth, and squeegee the walls. This will help prevent soap scum, calcium and other minerals from building up on the surfaces, saving you much more time when it comes to your weekly cleaning (or whatever schedule you follow). Best of all, regular maintenance can help you avoid a trip from your friendly Toronto Drain Cleaning company… us, of course. 🙂
  2. Add this to your routine. When you’re finished in your shower, make sure to close the shower curtains – this helps air them out and prevent water from sitting within the folds. Make sure to properly fold your towel so it dries better too!
  3. Prevent mildew before there’s mildew. The best way to treat mildew is to prevent it in the first place, as it is extremely difficult to remove once it builds up. Mildew thrives in moisture, so following the first 2 steps above will help prevent it.
  4. The natural tub scrub! Mix a solution containing about a teaspoon of natural liquid soap and a few drops of a natural scented oil (like eucalyptus, rosemary, or peppermint), a cup of baking soda, and just enough water to make it into a nice paste. Then use a sponge to scrub the tub!
  5. Be conscious of your water usage. Leaving the tap open for just two minutes equals two gallons of water. Don’t use more than what you need. It saves water and your money.
  6. Use ‘green’ tools. Microfibre cloths remove dust just as well as an expensive furniture polish and be used on a variety of surfaces. UV-C devices use ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria, a much more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals. They are available on vacuum cleaners, wands, and air sanitizes. Use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleech, it’s a lot less harsh and much more safe. Baking soda and vinegar have a variety of useful purposes around the home, from cleaning windows, mirrors, floors, unclogging drains and pipes, as well as killing mold and bacteria.

There’s lots of ways we can be ‘greener’ in our habits and still clean just as well – or better than what current brand chemicals offer. Hope this gives you a good starting point and insights!

Tips for a Clean Bathroom

– DrainWorks, Toronto Plumbers

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