Which Plumbing Jobs Should You DIY – These days many people turn to the internet for help on DIY projects. While that can save you some money, it may not save you time or peace of mind – and perhaps not even money in the long run! We are not discouraging you from undertaking any DIY projects, on the contrary, it’s good to put your own handy skills to work sometimes. Yet, there comes a point when it’s just best to turn to the experts.

Of course your level of DIY expertise will play a big role in what sort of plumbing project you can undertake. Most people know that projects involving electric wiring, hot water, and rewiring and installation of new systems should be done by a professional.

Which Plumbing Jobs Should You DIY Plumber Toronto

Here are some safe and simple plumbing DIY things you can do yourself, considering you are relatively capable with your hands:

  • Check that your sinks and toilets aren’t leaking; even small leaks can waste many gallons of water! Leaks will ruin the inside of your cabinets and your floors.
  • Check that your toilet is not running continuously and wasting water.
  • Put a pan under your water heater to check for leaks and regularly check the water temperature and pressure.
  • Change/fix the toilet flapper and float.
  • Remove and clean your faucet aerators once a year at least (a faucet aerator is usually located at the tip of each faucet).
  • Take apart your shower head to clean the pieces in vinegar. Make sure you remember the ordering of the pieces (take a picture).
  • Check that your pipes are not worn out.
  • Maintain a clear and unobstructed area around outside grates.
  • Inspect the water heater burner, the flame should always appear blue with yellow tips.
  • Fit all showers and tub drains with a strainer.
  • Use your garbage disposal wisely.

If you’re ever in doubt of when to call for plumbing in Toronto, it’s probably best that you call one just to be on the safe side. But to make things simpler, here’s a handy list of when you should really turn to the experts:

  • When you have to replace, repair, or clear any drains. This requires special training and equipment. Most store-bought augers (drain snakes) are short and cannot efficiently unclog a drain, and if not used properly they can also damage the pipes. Using Draino or other products is OK for very simple clogs, but anything that requires more than a couple applications is a job for the plumber.
  • Any problems involving the water main line, plumbers have the appropriate equipment required to shut off the water from the main line.
  • Any remodeling project that requires pipes to be installed, replaced or repaired.
  • Anything that has to do with pressure balance issues and installation of new pressure valve.
  • Any project involving electrical wiring, hot water, and rewiring and installation of new systems.

Most importantly, remember to shut-off your water valves before attempting to do anything related to plumbing!

When it does come time to pick up the phone and call a Toronto plumber for help, remember DrainWorks is ready to solve your problem as quickly and seamlessly as possible!

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