7 Basic Plumbing Tips For Any Homeowner – Do you own a home? If yes, we highly recommend you be comfortable with all the following points.

They are the basics of your home plumbing that could really save you in a sticky situation — and perhaps avoid a visit from a Toronto plumber before it’s necessary:

7 Basic Plumbing Tips For Any Homeowner Toronto Plumber

  1. Make sure you know how to turn off your main water valve (it’s usually by the water meter). If you ever have a leak somewhere, this will be the first thing you’ll want to do, and the faster you can do it the less water damage there will be. You should also know where all the other valves are for your hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, etc – and you should test these by closing and opening them once a year.
  2. Know what you can and cannot put down the drain (including oils, fats, and more). See our previous post on how to properly dispose of kitchen grease and oil.
  3. Know what you can and cannot put down your garbage disposal unit. We did a previous blog post on this earlier, which you can read here.
  4. Know the different types of plungers and when you should use each. We also did a previous blog post on this, which you can read here.
  5. You can treat drain clogs with off-the-shelf chemicals or with 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda poured in at once followed by hot water. However, keep in mind these are only temporary fixes. Even with multiple treatments like this, the main clog can still be building up (and you can damage the pipes if apply too many), looming to the day it will backup. It’s recommended you call in a Toronto Drain Cleaning company every 3-5 years to avoid a major backup, and much bigger problems. ESPECIALLY if you notice floor or basement drains are not as fast as they should be, this is something you should call a plumber to look at.
  6. Keep your outside gutters and drains clear and free of debris. Keep an eye out for abnormal puddling of water on the ground, which can sometimes mean an underground leak.
  7. Keep the number of your local plumbers in Toronto handy, as oftentimes you need help fast. Knowing this in advance reduces the need to do quick research that might result in hiring an unqualified or fly-by-night plumber. Here at DrainWorks, all our plumbers are licensed, insured, and 100% commission-free. So write down the DrainWorks number for next time: 416-486-0000.

Thanks for reading, and remember, if you ever have a plumbing problem, we’re here to help. 7 Basic Plumbing Tips For Any Homeowner

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