The Rockstars of Plumbing – We at DrainWorks are a “customer-first” company. So naturally, reviews mean the world to us. Here is our most recent customer review that we would like to share with you from

The Rockstars of Plumbing

Basement Waterproofing After a Flood

basement-clean-after-backupThe team at Drainworks have always been a pleasure to work with. We had used them several times in the past for small jobs and they were always prompt, helpful and reliable. Most recently, we called them in to waterproof our basement after a flood. What initially appeared to be a straightforward job ended up becoming very complicated due to some structural issues unrelated to Drainworks that we uncovered when they started digging. Frank, their project manager, was a patient and very helpful resource through the entire process, helping us weigh the pros-and-cons of their continued work and assisting us in making informed decision about our project. Once our go-forward plan was determined, the Drainworks team worked very diligently to complete the work and get us back on schedule. I am happy to recommend Frank and his team of Toronto plumbers and would certainly call Drainworks Plumbing again in the future.

by Brian from Toronto

An Unpleasant Basement Floor Drain Backup

DrainWorks makes the stress of raw sewage in your basement pass quickly! This is our second time using them. Matt’s professionalism and cleanliness on our first job made us call them again. I really hope this is our last call, but, we have referred friends. I really appreciate the boot covers and wheel covers on the machinery, nice touch!

by Maria in Toronto

Clearing Slow Drains

Our upstairs bathroom sink drain had become very slow…. the tub drain was not great either. We have used Drainworks before for both large and small plumbing jobs, and they have been uniformly excellent. We called Drainworks in the morning, and they arrived less than 12 hours later, cleared our drains quickly and cleanly. These guys are excellent! Prompt, professional, thorough and clean and tidy… not to mention unfailingly courteous, and willing to answer my many questions. They are the rockstars of plumbing! We will always call Drainworks for any plumbing related issue in our home!

by Rick from Toronto

Thanks for reading, and next time you have a drain or plumbing issue, you know how to call! The Rockstars of Plumbing

– DrainWorks

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