Replace Outside Drains – We at DrainWorks are a “customer-first” company. So naturally, reviews mean the world to us. Here is our most recent customer review of our plumbers in Toronto that we would like to share with you from

Replace Outside Drains

“Here’s my story…. I called Drainworks because the basement drain had started to back up. No biggie but thought I’d try to catch it before it became a biggie. The person who answered the phone took my information and said they could be here in 30mins. Really? Sure enough they were here 30mins later and had a good idea of the problem and work required to get it resolved. I signed on and agreed to get started a few days later. The crew arrived at the appointed time, got set up and got to work.

By 4pm the same day they had replaced both the outside drain and the basement drain, all according to contract. But what wasn’t according to contract was the few extras they threw in like re-cementing the outside concrete because it might rain that night, adding a few extra feet of piping inside so all connections were secure and capping a pipe that revealed itself as they dug. Throughout all the work they consulted me at every decision point.

I felt completely comfortable to make informed decisions right the way along. It was really great customer service. However, the one thing that I didn’t expect was what happened at the end of all their work……I have NEVER seen work crews clean up to the extent these people did. Completely incredible. Both the basement and outside was cleaner than when they had arrived. I was so pleased given the mud and muck that they had been digging up all day long.

If I told you have how well they did when they came back the next day to replace my washout drains in the front we’d be here for another hour. Needless to say it resulted in the same outcome; a completely wonderful cleanup which included digging up and putting back all my hosta plants during the work. If I hadn’t been home, I’d have sworn no one had come and done the work! Fantastic. As I write this review it’s raining outside. The drains are draining happily and my hostas are soaking up the rain like they never knew the difference.” Replace Outside Drains.

From Kira from Old Toronto | North York Location | Jul 31, 2013

Take it from Kira, and remember, you can always count on us for your plumbing, Toronto! Give us a call whenever you run into an issue, and we’ll show you first hand what the type of service that this customer raved about. That number, as always – 416 486 0000.

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