End of Summer Plumbing Tips – Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and with it comes the time for seasonal chores! (Sorry to remind you..)

We put together a quick list of some Toronto plumbing-related tips you might want to look into now that summer is over and fall has begun.

End of Summer Plumbing Tips

End of Summer Plumbing Tips

  • Get your sewer lines checked for roots. Roots grow the most during the summer, wherein they seek out places with the most water – which can sometimes mean your drain pipes. Now is a great time to have your pipes inspected for any blockages – especially if you notice they’ve been slow to drain at all. This can save you from having to deal with a worse problem in the middle of winter should the drain block completely or cause a back-up. To make it easier, we’re also currently offering a discount on drain camera inspections which you can find here
  • Check your garden hoses and taps for leaks. You may not be watering your garden or lawn as much in the fall, so we recommend you check all your hoses and outdoor taps for leaks or drips. If you won’t be using them in the fall, you likely won’t notice a drip that will waste a lot of water.
  • Consider your garbage disposal! The end of summer is here so we understand if you want to fit in as many barbecues as you can before it gets too cold. Just remember the guidelines for what you should and shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal unit. It’s unfortunate enough that summer is ending, but you don’t want to have to deal with a plumbing problem, too!
  • Check appliances. Summer is a hard time for your laundry machine and drains, what with all the dirty clothes and barbecues and all. Check for any water leaks and slow-draining drains.

Remember, if you notice a leak or need help with drain or plumbing problems, trust upon your local Toronto plumbers to fix it for you right!

End of Summer Plumbing Tips

– DrainWorks Team

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