Everything But the Kitchen Sink – We at DrainWorks are a “customer-first” company. So naturally, reviews mean the world to us. Here are a couple of our most recent customer reviews that we would like to share with you from HomeStars.com.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Replacing a Kitchen Sink

I can tell you that Phil made this an incredibly fantastic decision to have DrainWorks Plumbing replace my kitchen sink. The old saying, ‘everything but the kitchen sink” actually includes the kitchen sink in my house as everything has needed to be replaced. The previous owners did quick fixes for a sale and my home inspector was useless. Phil arrived during the time slot given to me and noticed several irregularities with not only the old sink but the pipe fittings as well. He spent a few hours over two visits explaining everything and really working hard to remove the old sink which seems to have been super glued to the counter. He then installed the new one and put in brand new everything as nothing was to code. Phil is a FANTASTIC plumber and a true gentleman who does things the old school way, meaning, the right way. DrainWorks was a pleasure to deal with from the first phone call to William who kept in touch with me and even offered an appointment sooner than the one first scheduled. Well done!

By Tim in Toronto

Garden Faucet, Pipe Replacement and Adding a Shut-off Valve to Main Water Line

Hi, Phil from Drainworks did a solid job with the plumbing work we needed done on our newly purchased home. There was a leak in the outside plumbing pipe due to a heavy tree leaning into it. He ended up replacing the entire pipe section from the inside of the house to the outside, and changed the indoor shut off valve as well, since the previous installation was not to code and was a risk for frozen pipes. He also added a shut off valve to our main water line, since the home inspector said the existing one was very old and could cause leak issues down the road. The added valve means we don’t have to worry about touching the existing one, which both Phil and the inspector said separately would be fine as long as we don’t touch it. Replacing the existing one would’ve meant getting the City involved, which could take a long time, so his proposal was an effective solution to the problem. Phil was extremely careful about explaining how the fees were calculated right from the beginning, so that everything was up front.

By Sarah in Toronto

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– DrainWorks Team

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