Pumpkin Seeds Make for Plumbing Nightmares – Fall is the time for pumpkins! Cooking and baking with pumpkins or carving jack-o’-lanterns. It’s not uncommon for plumbers like us to get a higher number of calls during this season.

How to Dispose of Pumpkin Pulp and Seeds

Pumpkin pulp (guts and seeds) will often find its way to the kitchen sink. Most folks think that because the pulp is soft and mushy that it will go down the drain and be easily shredded by the garbage disposal. But eventually, the pulp hardens and remains stuck in the drain, and will most likely clog up your sink drain.

Once the pulp hardens it becomes very sticky, like glue. Common liquid drainers like Drano will not cut through the stickiness and hardened pumpkin pulp, so you’ll need a plumber to come in and perform a mechanical cleaning to cut through and scrape the bits from your pipe.

If you’re going to bake with pumpkins or carve jack-o’-lanterns, we recommend that you line up the surface you’ll be working on with newspaper and eventually dispose of the guts and seeds in your compost bin.  If you don’t have a compost bin, wrap the guts and seeds in the newspaper and toss it in the trash.

Or better yet, roast those seeds! You can also incorporate pumpkin guts into cooking, such as making pumpkin stock. And as a last resort, you can take pumpkin guts and seeds to a nearby park for deer or place the seeds in a bird feeder.

But whatever you do, don’t put pumpkin pulp down your kitchen sink! You’ll thank yourself in the end.

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– DrainWorks Team

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