Replace Old Drains – We at DrainWorks are a “customer-first” company. So naturally, reviews mean the world to us. Here are a couple of our most recent customer reviews of our Toronto plumbers that we would like to share with you from

Drain Cleaning

Old Toronto houses and aging infrastructure… We bought an 100+ year old house and needed to address a number of items including replacing all the drains. Drainworks did a great job. They were prompt, clean, clear about the scope of work & the cost and they provided good maintenance tips. We would use them again without hesitation.

By Dan in Etobicoke

New Sewer Drain and Pipe Connection

We have used Drain Works in the past. We had laundry water backing up from floor drain. DrainWorks arrived promptly, asessed and eventually had to dig up the old collapsed clay connection pipe under the basement floor. They did a great job & were punctual, friendly & professional….thank you.

By Ian in Toronto

Clearing Drains!

Our basement toilet and shower slowed to the point where they would not drain at all. No amount of plunging, chemicals, or pouring water down the drain would make the pipes flow. Since this is a basement apartment, it was essential to get the pipes flowing. I called for plumbing service, and Drainworks came within a few hours. They put their camera down the drain from the front lawn access pipe. Just by putting it through the drain they were able to clear the blockage enough so that the toilet and shower were usable that same day. That was a big relief to us. They showed us on the camera the tree roots that were clogging the drain (this is a 95-year-old house with clay pipe drains that are not in great condition). They offered the service that would cut through the roots with high pressure water, which they said would keep the drains clear for at least a couple of years. We opted for that service, and they came the next day. All of the workers were extremely courteous, helpful, and friendly. They took the time to show us everything that was happening inside the drains with their snake camera. We saw the roots inside before the treatment, and the clear drains afterwards. All of this left us feeling very pleased with the service that Drainworks provided. I highly recommend them.

By Writer in Toronto

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– DrainWorks Team

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