Certified Plumber – A recent survey from the UK revealed that a quarter of homeowners have had a botched plumbing job performed due to hiring unskilled and unqualified contractors.

The UK has a national database where certified plumbers can register and make themselves easy to find for potential customers. Because we do not have such a tool in Ontario, it is even more important that customers perform their due diligence and make sure they hire a certified plumber or contractor. All our plumbers here at DrainWorks are certified and insured.

Plumbing is a regulated trade in the province of Ontario and in order to work in this trade a plumber must have a Certificate of Qualification or be a registered apprentice. In addition, plumbers must be members of the Ontario College of Trades.  The Ontario College of Trades is a “regulatory body that helps modernize the province’s apprenticeship and skilled trades systems”.

Becoming a plumber takes work! One has to complete a five-year apprenticeship (9,000 hours, of which 720 hours is in post-secondary in-school training). After completing the apprenticeship, the plumber-to-be has to apply for certification, take the required Certificate of Qualification exam and then become a member of the Ontario College of Trades.

Being a member in the Ontario College of Trades, means that plumbers stay informed of developments in the plumbing industry and the College offers regulatory oversight of the plumbing profession.

So if you want a job done right, make sure to get a qualified professional, like your trusted Toronto Plumbing company — that being us, at DrainWorks.

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