5 Important Plumbing Tips – The more you know about how to take care of your plumbing system, the more money you can save by conserving water and minimizing repair needs. Of course, we love to serve you whenever you have a need, but we also believe in saving you money when you can.

Plus, it will help your plumbing system stay in better shape, longer! Below are a few important handy tips for everyone:

  1. Know how to turn off the water valves, specially the main water shutoff valve, and toilet and sink valves.
  2. If you need to quickly unclog a drain and don’t have access to a liquid drain cleaner, try mixing half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar. Pour the mixture quickly into the drain; it will fizz helping to clear the clog. Pour hot water in the drain immediately thereafter. We don’t ever recommend pouring harsh chemicals down the drain, as this can damage the pipes. If this household attempt doesn’t fix the problem, give one of our Toronto plumbers a call.
  3. Prevent leaks by purchasing a water pressure gauge. Test your water pressure and make sure it is not above 80 psi (pounds per square inch). If it is, call a plumber to have a water pressure regulator installed. High water pressure can lead to unnecessary water loss, leaks and damaged pipes.
  4. If your toilet is overflowing, to quickly stop it do the following:
    • Remove the tank lid
    • Look for the floating ball, raise the bar that is connected to the ball
    • If the water in the toilet bowl does not drain, turn off the water valve at the base of the toilet
    • Plunge the toilet and make sure the clog is gone
    • Turn on the water valve
  5. Keep the number for your plumber handy in case a problem arises! (416-486-0000)

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