How does hard water affect my home

Build up of calcium and magnesium in pipe

How does hard water affect my home –  Hard water contains excessive amounts of the minerals calcium and magnesium. It is estimated that 85 percent of households in Canada and the United States use hard water.

 Hard water leaves mineral deposits inside plumbing pipes, and may eventually reduce the water flow significantly. The mineral deposits can also shorten the lifespan of household water-using appliances, make cleaning and laundering more difficult and gradually decrease the efficiency of water heaters. That can mean more work for plumbers in Toronto, but it’s bad news for homeowners.

 Several municipalities across Canada have hard to extremely hard water. Water in Toronto is considered moderately hard at 6 to 7 grains per gallon. Here’s how to check on the water in your home, and reduce the damage.

 How to tell if you have hard water damage:

  • Your appliances, faucets and shower heads have a coat of white-green residue
  • Your skin and hair feels drier and more brittle after showering
  • Your clothes aren’t as bright as they used to be or fade quickly after a wash
  • Your appliances need frequent repairs
  • Your shower heads and sink fixtures are clogged or have low water flow
  • Your dishes look cloudy
  • Your hot water heating costs are higher than average – due to accumulated deposits it takes longer for your hot water heater to heat up the water
  • Your pipes are clogged due to built-up residue

Options for reducing the damage from hard water in your home:

  • Install a water softener system that will eliminate the calcium and magnesium floating in your water
  • Copper, PEX and PVC pipes tend to be more resistant to hard water corrosion, so if you are having new plumbing installed ask about these piping options
  • Install a reverse osmosis filtration system

 With time, hard water will affect your plumbing and it can lead to bigger problems. Beware of the signs of hard water in your home and call your trusted Toronto Plumber if you are concerned about your plumbing.

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