Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Hiring a Licensed Plumber – Like many other trades, ensuring that your plumber is properly licensed is the best way to make sure they know exactly what they’re doing.

While there are definitely some do-it-yourself preventative maintenance measures you can take, unfortunately, a large amount of the work in our industry is in response to some sort of drastic problem. We know how stressful that situation can be, so it’s our mission at DrainWorks to make our visits pleasant and painless.

Unfortunately, a few bad plumbers out there give many people a bad impression of plumbers in general. Some of the common pitfalls to avoid include:

  • “Freelance” plumbers trying to up-sell worried customers into services they may not actually require at that time;
  • “Handyman” plumbers who may not have the required knowledge to do the job right – but might take the work on anyway;
  • Questionable references or a lack of past work examples;
  • Contracts may not be honoured as specified;
  • The possibility of spending more of your hard-earned money and time down the line if the job’s not done correctly the first time.

As a contrast, here are some of the things that we’re known for at DrainWorks, and have built our business, and reputation on.

  • All of DrainWorks’, we only employ full time, professionally trained and insured technicians, as well as licensed and insured plumbers – so you know you’ll be in good hands.
  • All of our plumbers are full-time employees that earn a salary. They’re not there to up-sell you to earn higher commissions for themselves.
  • We’re known for our plumbers’ reputation for being on-time and friendly with all customers. We’re also renowned for our dedication to cleanliness and customer service.
  • The customer never pays extra charges like vehicle fuel or overtime.

We’ve earned some great recognition for our approach and dedication to quality service:

  • Best Plumbers in TorontoWe have been awarded a Toronto Consumer’s Choice Award for Drain Plumbing Excellence for the past 13 years in a row. This is a remarkable achievement that we are understandably proud of.
  • DrainWorks has been named the Best Plumber in the city twice by Toronto Life Magazine
  • We’ve received over 1200 reviews on HomeStars.com, a consumer rating site, which is in fact the most reviews of any North American plumbing company on the site. Our average star rating of 9.5 out of 10 is a true testament to our quality of service.
  • Just see what our customer Sergio here has to say about us…!

With our amazing customer satisfaction rate, experience and trustworthy employees, the choice is clear – DrainWorks is the way to go for your plumbing needs in Toronto and the GTA.

Thanks for reading Hiring a Licensed Plumber

– DrainWorks Team

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