Basement Water Damage – Homeowners in Toronto are all too familiar with water damage in their basements, as it’s a very common problem in homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

In recent summers, the city’s been hit with a number of storms that caused serious problems. Remember last year’s flash flooding on July 8th? That storm caused nearly $1 billion in damage, and you probably know someone that had some basement flooding issues. While that can be a boon for business for plumbers in Toronto, it’s troubling for homeowners.

In fact, even without a torrential rainstorm of biblical proportions, many homes in Toronto are vulnerable to water damage in the basement and crawlspace areas.  Sometimes, basement water damage issues are caused by problems with the foundation or structure of the house, or they can also be related to your plumbing. The important thing is to keep a close eye out for the signs of damage, and don’t wait until there’s a river running through your basement before rectifying the situation.

 Basement Water Damage

Wet Walls in the Basement or Crawlspace

Sometimes this can be related to an issue with the foundation of the home, or bad sloping outside. But other times, it can be a sign of a leaking pipe. If you suspect a pipe might be leaking, it’s absolutely crucial to get it checked out as soon as possible to ensure the problem is taken care of before the damage gets worse.

Indoor Mold

Smell that? If you’re beginning to sense a musty smell in your basement or your crawlspace, the problem could be mold. Mold requires moisture to grow, so its presence is a strong sign that there is water leaking somewhere in the walls. Indoor mold can be quite hazardous to your health, so again, it has to be dealt with promptly. Once the existing mold is removed (and you should really use a professional for that task in most cases), DrainWorks can identify whether a plumbing leak is providing the moisture that the mold needs to flourish, and work to remediate the situation as quickly as possible.

Deposits on the Walls

This is particularly common in crawlspace areas with concrete walls. If you notice a white, chalk-like substance on the walls, that’s what’s called efflorescence. Essentially, it’s a salt deposit left behind by water running through materials like concrete or brick. While the deposit itself is not a health hazard like mold, it’s a strong indication that water is moving through the walls, so it may be worth it to have it looked at to avoid potential structural issues down the line.

Peeling Paint on the Walls and/or Stains on the Ceiling

If you’ve started to notice the paint peeling in your finished basement, or weird stains developing on the ceiling, it’s a mixed blessing: while it is a  strong sign that there’s  water leaking inside it, it’s also a good warning sign you can use to address the problem quickly.

An increased water bill

This one could apply to anywhere in the house, but it’s always a good indicator. While most households’ water bills increase during the summer months – we do more laundry, we water the lawn, etc. – if you notice an exorbitant increase then a leak in your pipes just might be the problem.

What to do about basement water damage:

DrainWorks offers a variety of services for basement waterproofing in Toronto. The first step is an inspection to assess whether the job calls for a plumbing repair, internal waterproofing, external waterproofing, or even a repair of cracks in the foundation.

Our friendly team of plumbers and drain technicians are always happy to point you in the right direction. Our state-of-the-art methods, expert knowledge and commitment to exceptional timely service is what sets us apart in dealing with basement water damage. Give us a call or book a quote today!

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