How Much Water Can New Appliances SaveHow Much Water Can New Appliances Save – It seems that everyone is looking to save some water around the house these days.

There are two main reasons why this is the case. First, increased awareness in recent decades means that people are more conscious of their personal water use from an environmental perspective.

The second factor is a little more personal – we all just want to save money on our water bill.

The other thing to keep in mind with appliances like dishwashers is that the newer models use significantly less energy, so you’ll be saving money on two fronts.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of how much water you can save with new appliances and fixtures.


By most accounts, toilets are responsible for over 25% of the water use in your home. That’s why if you’re in a home where the toilets are more than a decade old, it might be time to replace them. Newer toilets can save a lot of water – thereby saving you a bundle of money – in the long haul.

When they first hit the market, low-flow toilets got a bit of a bad rap, but the units have improved my leaps and bounds since then. Modern low-flow toilets, and so-called high-efficiency toilets now function very well.

Gallons per flush

Litres per flush

Old “standard” toilets

3.5 – 7

13 – 26

Modern toilets

1.28 – 1.6

About 5 – 6


Showers account for around 15% of the water use in your home. In recognition of this fact, low-flow showerheads are becoming increasingly common. It’s important to keep in mind that lower water flow does not necessarily mean lower water pressure. There are many quality low-flow showerheads on the market that use less water than a standard shower head, but maintain the same pressure.

Gallons used

Litres used

Standard showerheads

2.5 per minute

9.5 per minute
95 litres in 10 minutes

Modern showerheads

1.5 – 2.0

5.6 – 7.6 per minute
56 – 76 litres in 10 minutes

Clothes Washers

Clothes washers account for over 20% of the water use in your home. While Washing Machines are a necessity of modern life, older units are very inefficient. In recent years, manufacturers have focused their efforts on getting the same cleaning ability while using less water.

Gallons used per load

Litres used per load

Older Washing Machines



Modern Washing Machines




Dishwashers account for around 1% of the water use in your home. Many sources state that they use less water than washing dishes by hand. And compared with older units, modern dishwashers offer staggering water savings, as seen below.

Gallons used per cycle

Litres used per cycle

Older Dishwashers

12 – 16

45 – 61

Modern Dishwashers

2 – 5.8

7 – 22

Whatever your motivation, it’s a good time to invest in some water-efficient appliances and fixtures. The technology for most of these products is now quite mature, so the kinks of the product cycle have largely been worked out. And depending on where you live in Ontario, there may be rebates available for the purchase of water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

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