How to clear clogged drains in your bathroom – A great deal of the water we use in our day-to-day lives is consumed in our washrooms. Toilets account for around 25% of total water use in a home, while showerheads are responsible for around 15% of the water use in a typical home. Add that to water used in the bathroom sink, or drawing a bath in the tub, and it’s no surprise that with so much usage, drain clogs are a fact of life for plumbers in Toronto.

How to clear clogged drains in your bathroom

Here are some of the more common clogs that occur in bathrooms, and what to do about them. How to clear clogged drains in your bathroom:

Clogged Sinks:

This is very common in a washroom sink, as hair, soap scum, and bathroom potions and lotions combine in to a gross black sludge-like material over time. Depending on the severity of the clog, there are several things you can attempt to clear it.

  • For simpler clogs, you can try the coat hanger method first. Snip a section of wire coat hanger and bend a small hook into the end of it. Insert it into the drain to snag any large lumps of hair and/or sludge material and pull them out. The important thing is to make sure you don’t push the gunk in further – if you find that you are, give up on that plan of attack.
  • The second thing you can try is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, the same mixture everyone used to make “volcanos” erupt back in grade school. Have a bucket of hot water on hand too. Start by pouring a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain, then hit it with the hot water. This is an effective home remedy in  some cases, but its effectiveness depends on the severity of the clog.
  • Harsh chemicals can damage your pipes, so we generally advise to avoid using them to clear drains; instead, if the problem subsists, call the experts at DrainWorks and we’ll have it cleared out in no time.

Clogged Tub:

Many of the principles of clearing debris out of a clogged bathtub drain are the same as a bathroom sink. Some things you can try on your own are:

  • Remove the tub stopper from the drain and try using your trusty coat hanger to pull any obvious hair or sludge out. Stop immediately if you find you’re only pushing it in further.
  • Try the baking soda/vinegar combination as stated above.
  • Have your standard plunger ready, and get some hot (but not boiling) water and pour it down the drain. Take care not to spill it and burn yourself. If your tub has an overflow drain hole, clog it with a wet cloth so that you’re not just pushing air through it. Wait 10 or 15 minutes after pouring the water down and grab your plunger, giving it five pushes at a time. If you’re not able to clear the clog after a few minutes of trying, it probably requires the help of a professional.

Clogged Toilet:

This is another common bathroom plumbing issue that it seems like everyone has had to deal with from time-to-time. In most cases, a plunger is your best friend. We’ll assume you Accordion Plungers are Useful for Clearing Toilet Clogs.know the basics of how to use one, but here are a few pro-tips for making the job easier:

  • Spread some old rags or tarps around the base of the toilet before beginning for easy cleanup in case of any back-splash. (Be sure to put them straight into the wash immediately after use, due to bacteria from human waste/matter.)
  • There are two main types of plungers. Most commonly seen in homes is a standard cup-plunger, but it’s actually not the best type for the job. For clearing out a toilet, you ideally want a flange plunger or an accordion plunger (which is what we use for calls, pictured on the right). These types of plungers will maintain better suction pressure during plunging.
  • Run the plunger under some hot water before you start with it to soften up the rubber, allowing a better seal.
  • If the standard plumbing procedure does not successfully clear the clog, call your Toronto Plumber. While there are a few other things that you can try, they require some specialized knowledge to use safely and effectively.

If you’re not sure about using any of these methods to unclog a drain in your bathroom – or you’ve got a major-league clog that requires some special attention – never hesitate to give the plumbing experts at DrainWorks a shout at 416-486-0000 or book a Toronto plumber online.

We’re always on-call for all your Toronto plumbing needs, big or small. And all of our friendly plumbers and drain technicians are salaried employees, so they will never try to upsell you on any needless services. They make no more, or no less based on what they advise you on. Come experience the BIG DrainWorks difference; we will get there on time, get the job done right the first time, and let you get on with your day.

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