Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain – As your professional Toronto plumbers, we at DrainWorks are often called upon to deal with tough clogs and backups in sinks, tubs and toilets… but also ones that are occurring further down in the plumbing. When homeowners can’t clear a clog, that’s when they call us in — and it’s fair to say that in the nearly 20 years since our company was founded in 1995, our expert plumbers and drain technicians have just about seen it all.

We know that it can be confusing to know what exactly is able to go down the drains and what’s a no-no. Here are some of the frequent mistakes that people make. Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain:

Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

The common ones:

  • Fats, greases & oils:

    This is particularly common when people cook bacon or other fatty meats.
    Instead… Wait for grease to cool off, pour it in a spare can, stick it in your freezer, and dispose of it when it’s full.

  • Paper towels, facial tissues (Kleenex):

    These types of papers are much sturdier than your standard toilet paper, which breaks apart upon flushing, and are not designed to be flushed down a toilet.
    Instead… Dispose of it them the garbage can.

  • Cotton balls, Makeup Pads, Baby Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Products:

    Some of these products might say “flushable” on the label, but they’re still not really meant to be put down the drains in abundance.
    Instead… Your best bet is just to wrap them properly and dispose of them in the garbage.

  • Food scraps (e.g. Egg Shells, Tea Leaves, Coffee Grinds, Fruit & Veggie Peels):

    Even tiny little bits of matter can cause big problems once they mix with oils or liquids to create a sludge like material that will clog up your drain in no time. Try to avoid having any slip down your kitchen sink.
    Instead… Throw them in the garbage, or if you’re in the City of Toronto, into your organic waste (green) bin.

Less Common, But People Do It:

  • Medications (even if they’re expired):

    Your medications are usually not so much of a hazard to clog your drain; instead, the issue is that they often end up in our water sources, and eventually back in our drinking water supply. Yikes!
    Instead…  Mix with an unpalatable substance like coffee grinds, place in a sealed can and throw it out, or drop it off at a Household Hazardous Waste site/Community Environment day.

  • Cleaning products:

    As with medications, chemical-based cleaning products can be a definite environmental hazard. And if they’re harsh chemicals, they can even damage your plumbing pipes as they move through them.
    Instead… Always dispose of these properly at a city household waste site.

Believe it or not:

These probably go without saying, but you don’t have to look hard to find examples of people trying to flush some of the following items down their toilets, or wash them down their drains, with bad results…

  • Kitty Litter
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Grain, Seeds, Rice, Pasta
  • Nail Polish or Remover
  • Dental Floss
  • Bandages and Gauze

You name it, and someone out there has probably tried to put it down a drain. As your professional Toronto drain cleaning company, we’ve just about seen it all.

So remember, your drains are not a garbage can. Treat them with care to keep them clean, and you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of problems and headaches in the long run.

If you’ve made one of these mistakes and need a drain clearing or inspection, don’t fret. We are your professional plumbers Toronto — just give us a call at [ 416 486 0000 ]. Give us a call and you’ll quickly notice that we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time, and letting you get on with your date. Experience the big difference that DrainWorks makes; book a plumber online today!

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