From Basement Floods to New Faucets – DrainWorks continues to lead the way in reviews received on the website In fact, we’re happy to say that we recently received our 1300 review on the site, and so in this post we would like to share with you our 1301th review!

From Basement Floods to New Faucets

Installing Shut-Off Valves & More:

“Our hot water tank had just emptied into our basement the night before and of course the shut-off leading into it also was working leaving us no choice but to turn off the main water shut-off for our house. This left us with no water period. After the HVAC installer that originally installed the heater was not able to service us for two days, I called Drainworks Toronto plumbers and they were able to come over the next morning between 8 and 9. They showed up at the crack of 8 sharp and we had water (albeit cold) flowing within the hour along with two beautiful new ball valves on the hot and cold side of the tank. While we had him here we also had him re-plumb under our kitchen sink which was not to code since we bought the house and also replace our leaking kitchen faucet with a beautiful new Moen.

While Drainworks in not the cheapest plumber out there, they are by far one of the most professional and thorough we’ve used and we’ve used dozens on various jobs and projects around our house since we bought it seven years ago. Over the years we’ve spent thousands of dollars with them doing everything from snake drains, to cut whole new septic drains in our basement to other minor plumbing repairs. Each job they do quickly, professionally and leave the area cleaner and better than when they arrived. I can’t say enough good things about them. I only wish more service companies would be as polite, reliable and good at what they do as these guys.

Once again, I remain impressed!”

– by Craig in East York

From Basement Floods to New Faucets 2 DrainWorks PlumbersWe are truly thankful for our satisfied customers who take the time to leave their feedback of our services online, and proud that our company’s average rating on HomeStars is 9.5 out of 10.

We believe that our rating on HomeStars is just another testament to our commitment to doing things the right way – that includes the fact that we only use full time salaried staff, always offer exact to-the-penny up front pricing and are always there for our customers.

Thanks for reading, From Basement Floods to New Faucets

– DrainWorks Team

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