Professional for Emergency Plumbing – If you’re a homeowner, you know how much of a headache an emergency plumbing problem can be. While there are a variety of minor issues and maintenance that are perfectly fine to address on your own, there are some situations that call for specialized knowledge and ability that can only be obtained through years of training, identifying and fixing problems.

At DrainWorks, one of the things that we take pride in as your professional emergency plumbers is our commitment to getting to your place on-time and addressing your issues promptly. We know that there’s no predicting when an emergency occurs, so we have plumbers and technicians available throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Professional for Emergency Plumbing

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why you should call DrainWorks for emergency response plumbing:

  • Don’t fall into the trap of saving a few bucks now… and paying a lot more later: Plumbing problems don’t fix themselves, and often worsen over time. To make things worth, an amateur or improper fix, without proper knowledge or right tools on hand, can end up doing more harm than good. You might walk away thinking the job is done, only for the problem to reoccur even worse than before. Instead, trust a professional DrainWorks plumber to fix the problem correctly, the first time.
  • Our plumbers and technicians have seen it before: If you do any type of handiwork around the home, you know the value of experience. Not only are our employees licensed and certified, they have a wealth of experience to rely on and address your plumbing issue in the proper way.
  • Save time: Our employees are all full-time salaried workers, so they never take any longer than needed to address the problem. Because of their experience in dealing with plumbing problems, they can identify the problem quickly. After providing you with upfront pricing, including an exact-to-the-penny quote, they get right to work. Sounds better than wasting a Saturday afternoon tinkering around and trying things that you’re not really sure will hold up, doesn’t it?
  • We have the right equipment for the task: One of the things that sets DrainWorks apart from other Toronto plumbing companies is that our plumbers always come prepared with the tools and parts that they need. We call our plumbing trucks mobile warehouses, because in the overwhelming majority of situations, there’s no need for our employees to make trips to the store or back to the shop. This is a huge factor in saving our valued customers’ precious time.
  • Incorrectly done jobs can be hazardous. The complexity of plumbing systems shouldn’t be underestimated. When you’re dealing with things like sewer lines or hot water, there are a lot of problems that can occur that can potentially result in dangerous situations for either the handyman amateur plumber, the occupants of the household, or both. Never put yourself or your family at risk.

Remember that unlike most plumbing companies in Toronto, DrainWorks staff does not work on commission, so they will never try to upsell you for services that you don’t need. Instead, our employees share a common commitment to quality service, getting the job done right, and letting you get on with your day. On any list of questions to ask when hiring a plumber, we check all the boxes. Give us a call for your next plumbing emergency.

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