6 Red Flags When Hiring A Plumber – As with hiring a tradesperson for any job around your home, hiring a plumber can be intimidating for even the experienced homeowner. When it comes down to it, most people are looking for competent professionals who will get the job done correctly, at a fair price, and explain the process with no surprises.

Yet within the plumbing industry there are so many options out there that it’s difficult for many to separate the good from the bad.

With that in mind, here’s a guide on a few things that should set off alarm bells in your head. Keep them in mind the next time you’re hiring a plumber in Toronto.

6 Red Flags When Hiring A Plumber

The Company is Not Providing an Exact, Written Quote Up Front.

The cost of any work performed should always be laid out up front, in writing. That way, there’s an agreed-upon amount, and you won’t be left in an uncomfortable situation where the plumber might spring extra charges on you when the work’s completed — particularly things like fuel charges, off-hours service, and the like. For more info, have a quick look at our YouTube video on  Exact to the Penny Pricing.

The Company or Plumber is Applying High Pressure Sales Tactics.

Unfortunately, If you’re getting a plumber to come over to your house, there’s a good chance that it can be a severe plumbing situation. But that doesn’t mean you should feel pressured to sign on the spot for work to start. Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to shut off the water to your home, and if something doesn’t feel right, or you’re feeling overly-pressured by the plumber, don’t agree to any work being started.

The Plumber or Company is Reluctant to Provide Credentials or References.

Unless you’re extremely confident in the plumber you’re hiring, have worked with them before, or they’re recommended by a trusted acquaintance, it’s never a bad idea to get some references. And our company also has some amazing accolades under our belt; in addition to being named Toronto’s Best Plumber by Toronto Life Magazine (twice), and winning a Consumer’s Choice Award for 13 years running, we have the most reviews of any plumbing company on the website HomeStars.com, with an outstanding 9.5/10 rating.

The Company Uses Sub-Contractors or Freelance Plumbers.

Many plumbing companies are little more than marketing arms, employing sub-contractors with questionable backgrounds, who don’t have the same motivation to take pride in the work of their company. DrainWorks always uses licensed employees who have a minimum of several years of experience under their belts.

The Plumbers Work Off of Commission.

Among the first questions you should ask when inquiring about a house call is whether the company’s plumbers work on a commission. One of the many things that DrainWorks prides itself on is that all of our employees are salaried, full-time employees, so there’s no reason for them to ever up-sell a customer in an effort to earn bigger commissions for themselves.

The Company Offers a Price that Seems Too Good to Be True.

Plumbing is the same as many other industries: often, you get what you pay for. While competitive pricing is important, you shouldn’t just be looking for the cheapest option. Before you call a plumber, do a little bit of background research, and make your decision based on factors like experience, expertise and reputation. After all, there’s always the chance that by saving a few bucks now, you end up paying a lot more later, if and when the problem reoccurs. Leave it to the experts and experience the BIG DrainWorks difference.

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