Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes – If you live in, or have walked through one of Toronto’s lovely old neighbourhoods, like East York, North Toronto or High Park, you know that the old trees that line the residential streets can provide a beautiful canopy of shade during the warmer months.

Unfortunately, beneath the surface, those trees’ roots can cause major issues in sewer lines, and for your plumbing system as a whole. Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes:

Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes

Why Tree Roots Grow into Sewer Pipes

If you really think about, it’s easy to understand why tree roots seek out sewer pipes and grow into them. Roots cannot grow in pipes that are fully filled with water, but thrive in the moist conditions that sewer pipes provide. After all, they’re a perfect source of water, nutrients and oxygen that the tree needs to grow and thrive.

If there is even a small crack in a pipe, or a loose joint, the opening can emit water vapor caused by the warmer water moving through the pipes. The tree’s roots will be drawn towards that warmer water vapor and grow into that space. Once the roots are inside the pipe, they can become real problematic – growing into hair-like extensions which are perfectly suited to entangle anything going down your drain pipes.

Do I Have Tree Roots in My Drains?

Unfortunately, tree roots can cause some serious havoc with your drain system, and even cause sewage to back up through your drainage areas.

On the plus side, once the problem is identified, it’s usually a straightforward, albeit intensive process to fix it.

How to Fix Tree Roots in Drains

One of the methods sometimes used to identify tree roots in drains is a drain camera inspection. A qualified DrainWorks technician will run a camera down into the drainage/sewer pipes. After confirming that tree roots are the issue, there are several courses of action that DrainWorks can assist with to remedy the problem.

Tree Roots in Toronto

Here are a few past examples of DrainWorks customers that had tree roots in their drains, from – a website that compiles real customer reviews for the trades. Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes:

Tree roots in drains
Thank you DrainWorks.

This review is long overdue! I cannot tell you how happy we have been with the service we have received from Drainworks. We had an issue with drainage in our house which required diagnostics with a camera. It was discovered that there were tree roots in the drains and pipes which required them to be replaced, both in the driveway and under the basement floor. Mike took us through each step, explaining everything clearly and giving us quotes before any work was started. We could not believe our eyes when we returned home after the basement was dug out and it was in beautiful condition, cemented over as if there never had been an issue at all. Mike also spotted some further issues that we may want to keep our eyes on in the future. We were so happy with our service in the fall that we did not hesitate to call again when we had an unrelated issue with a toilet last week. Mike remembered all of the work that had been done previously on our house and fixed the issue at hand quickly and again always giving quotes before he proceeded. We really couldn’t be happier with Drainworks’ prompt response time and the quality of work! I have recommended them to friends with plumbing issues! Thanks again to Mike and Drainworks!

–  Victoria, Riverdale

Tree roots causing back up issues
Exceptional Professionalism offered by Drainworks

Initially had problems with the Kitchen sink backing up. I called on a Saturday afternoon and Drainworks had a technician at my place first thing the next morning. The technician (Jeremy) was professional, polite, and prepared. After explaining what I was experiencing with the sink and prior to starting any service (or fees, Jeremy explained his first approach (snaking the line) and why and the costs associated. This was very effective and I haven’t had any issues since. A few weeks later and 10 minutes prior to leaving on an overnight business trip, the toilet in my powder room on the main flow started leaking water. I called Drainworks immediately and arranged to have a technician come to my home the next day when I returned from the trip. I pulled into my driveway right at the scheduled time and the Drainworks technician was already there (Jeremy). After reviewing the situation and showing me the video of the pipes extending from the house to the street I learned that tree roots had invaded the pipes and were causing the problems. As my house was built in 1904 the vast majority of the pipes are still clay and Jeremy indicated that I will likely have to have some significant plumbing work done in time. However, he did mention that a lower cost option ($1000 vs. $8,000-$12,000) would be to Hydro flush the lines and that should provide another 2-3 years before having to revisit the much larger project of replacement. The hydro flushing was scheduled a week later. As promised, 24 hours prior to the hydro flushing I received a call informing me exactly what time I could expect the team the next day.

True to form, they arrived exactly at the time indicated. I was kept in the loop about everything they were doing. They provided excellent explanations of the problems and solutions. In addition, every time they had to come in to my home they were very respectful and without being asked they wore shoe protectors. Finally, prior to leaving they ran video cable down the pipes to allow me to see the result of the hydro flush (truly excellent!). Lou and his colleague from Drainworks also helped answer some questions I had about another project in my home and were very forthright about what they thought could be done. I am always appreciative when people are mindful of not over-promising and then under-delivering. Thanks guys! I would highly recommend Drainworks. Kudos to them on the hiring front!

– Debbie, Scarborough

Basement Drain Backup
“Fast, friendly service.”

We had used Drainworks in 2004 for a basement drain back-up, and when it happened again a couple weeks ago I knew who to call! Armando was very professional, helpful, and informative. The work consisted of an initial camera inspection, followed by the decision to replace the trap & breather due to tree roots. The following week the excavation crew came and worked extremely hard the whole day. They tarped the area they worked in, cleaned up well and were very respectful of our space. Armando came back the next day for a final inspection and snaking, and this removed most of the roots causing the problem. Armando also informed us about the city of Toronto drain grant process, which was a big help. I felt confident being in their hands. I’d highly recommend Drainworks for fast, friendly service.

– Darcy, Toronto

Tree roots in sewer pipes can be a big source of frustration for homeowners in the GTA, so if it happens to you, trust the Toronto Plumbers at DrainWorks to make it right.

Thanks for reading, Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes

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