Camera Inspections See What Other Plumbers Can’t – One of the more useful ways that the plumbing trade has integrated technology in recent years is through video camera inspections. DrainWorks has been a leader among Toronto Plumbing companies in applying the use of drain cameras to save its customers time and money; what formerly might have been a long process to assess the status of a pipe can now often be accomplished in an afternoon or less.

Best of all, the quicker that one of our technicians can identify the problem, the quicker that they can get to work on fixing it… and letting you get on with your day.

Check out this YouTube video to get an idea of what our drain camera inspections can see within pipes.

What Drain Cameras are Used For

Sometimes, a plumbing issue occurs near the surface, like a clogged sink drain or toilet. But unfortunately, sometimes the issues lie much further beneath. Those situations can cause nasty problems for homeowners, like water or foul smells backing up into your house. Those are the types of issues that often call for a video camera inspection.

There are a number of issues in pipes that your highly-qualified DrainWorks plumber can assess using a camera:

  • Tree roots growing into pipes;
  • Cracks, holes, or breakages in pipes;
  • Blockages or obstructions.

Hear it From Our Customers!

Check out some of these comments from real customers of DrainWorks, left on the website – the leading customer review site for tradespeople and companies in Canada:

I used Homestars to find this company and had a great experience. Our drain in our basement was backed up mid-day Saturday. We were able to make contact with the company immediately and had someone at our house less than 2 hours. They offered to take a video of the pipes to do a diagnostic along with clearing the pipes. It was a bit more money than just having the drains cleared but this gave us a better idea of what we may need to deal with in the future. We have a problem with tree roots, which were cleared, and [were] given options for future prevention if we wish. We can’t afford anything but the basics and this was done with no pressure and we were treated as any customer spending a lot more money. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Victoria, North York

I had a plugged up kitchen sink. I called Drainworks at 8:45 pm and Matt came in 15 minutes. Fixed the sink and checked to see if it was working okay. Then he used a camera scope to check the condition of my main drain, spending the time answering all of my questions and explaining how tree roots were making it through my drains. I learned a lot about my drainage system.

Tim, Kingsway (Etobicoke)

I called to have the drain the in the basement augured. Water and leaf litter were coming up after a big rainstorm. Right away Armando could see that there was all dirt not far down the drain. The pipe had collapsed. Once we were able to get a camera in there we could see more cracks in the pipe and it was disheveled in other places. Also the ‘breather’ on the outside had collapsed as well. These guys were clean, efficient and complete gentlemen. They kept me up to date with everything they were doing at every step and why they were doing it.

Deb, East York

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