Employees Were Excellent – DrainWorks is proud of what sets us apart from all the other plumbing companies in Toronto.

But as much as we like to drive the point home ourselves, the best testimonials come from our everyday customers who are gracious enough to take valuable time out of their day to leave their feedback about our company online. Because of them, DrainWorks has the most reviews of any plumbing company on HomeStars.com, with over 1300 reviews and an average rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Employees Were Excellent

With that in mind, we thought it was a good time to take a look at a couple of great reviews that our real customers have left for us.

First up is Jenn from Toronto, who found that service from DrainWorks was the solution to a nagging problem, and liked our professionalism:

Plumbing Services from DrainWorks

Drainworks fixed a plumbing problem that we had had for a while. I am pleased. The staff was professional, and added their booties over shoes and worked quickly, quietly and cleaned up their mess. And problem issue was resolved.

– Jenn, Toronto

Next up, we have Robin from Toronto’s west-end neighbourhood of Etobicoke, who appreciated our exact-to-the-penny pricing and the quality of the service that our staff provided!

Sewer line replacement

Honest proposal. Very clean and systematic approach to the job. Employees were excellent from Sales to Dispatch and the hard labourers. Was informed of progress along the way. Excellent assistance in the process.

– Robin, Etobicoke

And here’s one more review of DrainWorks, from the Google+ platform:

I had a floor drain that was backing up due to a bad renovation by the former owner of my home. It seems when they renovated the basement, they moved the floor drain over by a few feet and installed a smaller drain… BUT… they left the old original clay drain there, they just covered it up in concrete and tile. Unfortunately due to the configuration of this sloppy work, I was having to call plumbers at least once a year and they had to remove the basement toilet (which costs much extra) to get to the drain because the new drain was too small for their cameras and stuff to get down.

I will admit that I called another company first but there quote was high and once they arrived I remembered they had been dishonest with me in the past… luckily I remembered I had had a few pleasant encounters with Drainworks before, so I gave them a call. They came out very promptly, I gave them the problem, they gave me a fair quote, and they started work on it the very next morning at 9AM.

They found the problems underground, removed the hidden second drain AND rerouted everything so it would be easy to unclog or fix in future by adding a cleanout valve.  BRILLIANT…

All in all it was a job well done and money well spent. I would recommend this company for any DrainWorks or plumbing issues you have!

– Jay, Toronto

You’ll notice that many of the reviews of our business point to just a few of the reasons that people love about dealing with us:

  • The fact that we always quote our work exactly-to-the-penny before we start any work;
  • Our plumbers and technicians are always licensed, full-time, salaried employees;
  • We never try to upsell you on extra services that you don’t need;
  • We always take the time to explain the process every step of the way, so that as a homeowner, you know exactly what’s going on;
  • We show up on time, are careful not to make a mess, and always clean up before we leave the site;
  • Our trucks function as mobile warehouses, so there’s never any “running out to get a part.”

We always appreciate the feedback from our valued customers, and we hope that these reviews demonstrate that you can always rely on DrainWorks to treat your job with professionalism, and treat you, the customer, with the utmost respect! Give us a call anytime at 416 486 0000 or use our online form to book a plumber in Toronto today.

Thanks for reading, Employees Were Excellent

The DrainWorks Team

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