Polar Vortex Freeze Your PipesPolar Vortex Freeze Your Pipes – Last winter was a cold one in the Greater Toronto Area, and according to meteorologists, the upcoming winter months could be just as bad. With a polar vortex predicted to once again sweep across vast parts of North America, Toronto could be in for another year of below-average temperatures. That frigid weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing, in the form of frozen pipes.

Here are a few basic tips and preparations you can make to minimize the risk posed by frozen pipes this winter.

What Can Happen When Pipes Freeze?

If you think back to your grade school science class, you probably recall that water expands when it freezes. So it’s bad news if the water freezes in your plumbing pipes – the pressure against the walls of the pipe can build up, causing the pipe to rupture or split. Of course, once the water ice thaws, that means you can potentially have water flowing out of the pipe — potentially causing serious damage.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • With modern plumbing techniques and insulation, frozen pipes in the interior of your home are more of a rarity than they once were. But don’t forget about the outside of your house, and spaces that tend to be more exposed to the elements, like garages, attics and crawl spaces. Make sure to correctly drain the outdoor faucets each fall, and ensure that pipes in those exposed areas of the homes are properly insulated.
  • If you are leaving Toronto behind during the winter to escape the cold weather, arrange to have a trusted friend or family member come to check in on the home. Ideally, keep the heat on in your home, even at a low temperature.
  • Looking for a stopgap measure? Simply wrap some towels around your exposed pipes so that they act as insulation.

If Your Pipes Are Already Frozen

We have a few tips here on our website about DIY methods for dealing with frozen pipes. But if you’re not entirely comfortable, or they don’t do the trick, give the experts at DrainWorks a call.

Here are a few reviews of DrainWorks from HomeStars.com that talk about our skilled plumbers and technicians solving homeowners’ frozen pipe headaches. Take it away, valued customers:

Graeme in Old Toronto:
Woke up this chilly morning with frozen kitchen pipes. Called DrainWorks, was instantly connected to the main dispatcher. He was friendly and told me he would call back soon once he figured out timing. About an hour later, I received a call that a plumber would indeed be able to make it to me today with a fairly wide timeframe (to be expected on a day like today). About an hour into the start of the timeframe, he called and said the guy would be here in 30. The plumber Armando arrived, was polite, friendly, took his boots off without asking and was able to answer all of my questions with candor. He was able to unfreeze my pipes in record time after taking all the necessary precautions and warnings of potential issues. Great service and would not hesitate to call again.

Pam from North York:
What can I say about Chris from Drainworks, but the best! He has been our go to plumbing professional for the five years we have enjoyed our home – maintaining seven bathrooms, overseeing a renovation and meeting the challenges of frozen pipes and a sump pump. Chris brings to his craft the utmost professionalism, total industry knowledge, good service and good humor. Now that we are moving we asked Drainworks/Chris to perform a general overview of our home plumbing, usually an industry cost of about $250 – we received a complete report for $69! It has been a great feeling to know you can call on Drainworks to take care of your home, knowing you’ll get an immediate response and total integrity.

We hope everyone has a worry-free winter and doesn’t face the risk of frozen pipes. But should the worst occur, contact your trusted Toronto Plumbers at 416 486 0000 for the fast, friendly, reliable and expert service that we’ve built our name on.

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