How Hydro Jetting Works – One of the many services that DrainWorks offers is what’s known as hydro jetting. Think of it as a power washer for your plumbing system. Functionally, hydro jetting follows a similar concept as traditional rootering, except it uses a stream of ultra high-pressure water to clear the drain, rather than a physical drain snake. This technique can be beneficial in certain circumstances. How Hydro Jetting Works:

How Hydro Jetting Works

When Does Hydro Jetting Make Sense?

At some point in their lifespan, most plumbing systems will run into problems with an accumulation or buildup of debris and materials — that’s why regular plumbing maintenance and cleaning is important.

But things happen, people move and sometimes maintenance gets pushed to the back burner. It’s at that point that hydro jetting can be part of an effective arsenal to fix the problems that might end up occuring. Here are some problems that hydro jetting can address:

  • Most commonly used for soft blockages:
  • Blockages in drain pipes;
  • Accumulation of debris along pipe walls;
  • In some cases, to remove tree roots from  pipes;
  • Situations where full pipe replacement is not feasible.

Hydro jetting is often used together with the snaking method. Drain snaking uses force to “punch” out a blockage, which is often enough to get the job done and your pipes flowing again. But even a thorough snaking of a drain can, in some cases, leave behind a residue that builds up the walls of the pipes. Of course, this can provide a surface for waste to latch on to over time. Hydro jetting ensures that the pipes are completely clear in these sorts of scenarios.

Is Hydro Jetting Right for You?

How Hydro Jetting Works2 DrainWorks Plumbing

A DrainWorks truck with Hydrojet attachment.

DrainWorks are your top plumbers in Toronto for hydro jetting services. Give us a call at 416 486 0000 or book a plumbing appointment with our online form. Our experienced, highly-qualified technicians will help you assess whether hydro jetting is a good solution to clearing out your pipes.

Check out some past customer reviews from the site that talk about DrainWorks’ hydro jet services in Toronto:

DrainWorks Customer Feedback: Hydro Jet

I called DrainWorks due to a backup I had in my main drain. I received prompt and courteous support on the phone and when the plumber arrived, he was courteous, knowledgeable and offered various suggestions and price points to address the fact that roots were growing in my main pipes. I felt no pressure to make a decision and he took his time to answer all my questions and concerns. In the end, the option I chose was to hydrojet the roots. I was very pleased with the service rendered. They were very cautious and respectful of my home and were very clean and efficient in rendering the service. I would strongly recommend Drainworks for any and all plumbing needs.

–          Lori, Toronto 

Initially had problems with the Kitchen sink backing up. I called on a Saturday afternoon and Drainworks had a technician at my place first thing the next morning. The technician (Jeremy) was professional, polite, and prepared. After explaining what I was experiencing with the sink and prior to starting any service (or fees, Jeremy explained his first approach (snaking the line) and why and the costs associated. This was very effective and I haven’t had any issues since. A few weeks later and 10 minutes prior to leaving on an overnight business trip, the toilet in my powder room on the main flow started leaking water. I called Drainworks immediately and arranged to have a technician come to my home the next day when I returned from the trip. I pulled into my driveway right at the scheduled time and the Drainworks technician was already there (Jeremy). After reviewing the situation and showing me the video of the pipes extending from the house to the street I learned that tree roots had invaded the pipes and were causing the problems. As my house was built in 1904 the vast majority of the pipes are still clay and Jeremy indicated that I will likely have to have some significant plumbing work done in time. However, he did mention that a lower cost option ($1000 vs. $8,000-$12,000) would be to Hydro flush the lines and that should provide another 2-3 years before having to revisit the much larger project of replacement. The hydro flushing was scheduled a week later. As promised, 24 hours prior to the hydro flushing I received a call informing me exactly what time I could expect the team the next day.

True to form, they arrived exactly at the time indicated. I was kept in the loop about everything they were doing. They provided excellent explanations of the problems and solutions. In addition, every time they had to come in to my home they were very respectful and without being asked they wore shoe protectors. Finally, prior to leaving they ran video cable down the pipes to allow me to see the result of the hydro flush (truly excellent!). Lou and his colleague from Drainworks also helped answer some questions I had about another project in my home and were very forthright about what they thought could be done. I am always appreciative when people are mindful of not over-promising and then under-delivering. Thanks guys! I would highly recommend Drainworks. Kudos to them on the hiring front!

Debbie, Scarborough

Thanks for reading, How Hydro Jetting Works

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