How Waterproofing Works – If you’ve ever encountered a wet, humid, or odorous basement, you may be in need of basement or foundation waterproofing.

How Waterproofing Works

Why Waterproof your Basement?

As part of our services and something that we do on a daily basis, DrainWorks and our team have become experts in the permanent sealing of your basement, ensuring it stays completely water-tight.

With state-of-the-art methods and technologies for waterproofing the interior and exterior of your home, a bit of preparation will go a long way in regards to preventing serious issues to your home, such as leaks, flooding, cracking foundation, or the smell of sewage. By sealing and waterproofing your basement, you stop damage before it happens, which save save you thousands in damages.

Waterproofing Methods

Plumbing Toronto - hydrojet

Repaired cracks using a flexible compound.

For those of you interested in the methods we take in waterproofing for your homes, we deal in both interior and exterior waterproofing.

Interior Waterproofing

In order to prevent water damage from the inside of your home, we utilize a method that incorporates an internal water control system. This relies on an air-gap drainage membrane that directs the flow of water to a network of drainage pipes installed below the basement floor.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing works by preventing water from entering the foundation at all. This is done by excavating the the sides along the base of your foundation, and then sealing the walls with a waterproofing membrane, such as Aqua-bloc, an environmentally friendly rubberized waterproof coating. Without any gaps or cracks in your foundation, water has a hard time getting in.

By waterproofing your home, you can prevent basement water damage. To learn how to spot water damage, check out our article on Knowing the Signs of Basement Water Damage.

DrainWorks Customer Feedback: Waterproofing

One foundation wall in our 120 year old home has always leaked a bit during heavy rains but in the big storm of 2013 the wall suffered major damage plus the concrete window well partially crumbled. DrainWorks had to contend with a lot of groundwater plus discovery of a fieldstone foundation below ground level. Tough job but completed to my satisfaction. Excellent communication of what was to be done as well as a heads up each time new issues arose; extra work was required but always explained and approved by me beforehand.

– John, Toronto 

The team at Drainworks have always been a pleasure to work with. We had used them several times in the past for small jobs and they were always prompt, helpful and reliable. Most recently, we called them in to waterproof our basement after a flood. What initially appeared to be a straightforward job ended up becoming very complicated due to some structural issues unrelated to Drainworks that we uncovered when they started digging. Frank, their project manager, was a patient and very helpful resource through the entire process, helping us weigh the pros-and-cons of their continued work and assisting us in making informed decision about our project. Once our go-forward plan was determined, the Drainworks team worked very diligently to complete the work and get us back on schedule. I am happy to recommend Frank and his team and would certainly call Drainworks again in the future.

BL, Toronto

Our friendly team of Toronto Plumbers and drain technicians are always happy to point you in the right direction. We send a waterproofing expert over to your home to thoroughly investigate the issue, and come up with a solution, while advising you if there may be further work to do at the same time, BEFORE we’ve dug up your basement. Give us a call or book a quote today!

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