Chemical Drain Cleaners Here’s the scenario: your drain is clogged and you’ve tried some of the tried-and-true methods for clearing it. Nothing’s quite working, so you head to the hardware store – or grocery store, or convenience store – to pick up some liquid drain cleaner. It seems like a quick fix, so what’s the problem? Well, a lot, actually. And as your trusted plumber, Toronto, we highly advise against it.

The Problem with Chemical Drain Cleaners

Liquid Drain Cleaners come under several brand names; you’re probably familiar with them in some form or another. But what seems like an easy way to clear out a nasty drain clog is actually not a cure-all solution. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using drain cleaners that are available on the shelves in your local hardware, grocery or convenience store.

  • It can harm your pipes in the long run.

The same compounds that can sometimes work to break down the organic matter that’s clogging your pipes are strong enough to corrode those pipes over time. So even if the drain cleaner succeeds in temporarily clearing the clog, you might be doing more harm than good in the long run.

  • There’s no guarantee that it will work.

If you’re trying a classic homemade solution, like mixing vinegar and baking soda, at least you’re likely to have those ingredients already on hand.  That’s different than making a special trip to the store and spending money on often-costly liquid drain cleaner, only to discover that the drain is more or less as clogged as it was before. That means you’re out time and money.

  • The chemicals used are high in toxic levels and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Sodium Hydroxide is a main component of most commercially-available drain cleaners that are marketed to the average consumer. Take a look at the warning label on your average drain cleaner and you’ll see that it’s not something you want to be breathing in. And it’s a particular worrying product to have around the house if you have children around.

  • It’s really bad for the environment.

In some areas, the materials used in chemical drain cleaners can make their way into local lakes and rivers. If you care about the general environmental health of your community, that can be a concern — and certainly one that we share as your local Toronto plumbers.

Drain Clearing & Clog Removal Done Right in Toronto

Chemical Drain CleanersIf you’ve got a badly clogged sink or drain in Toronto, trust the experts at DrainWorks to clear it for you. Remember, our motto is, “We will clear it, or you don’t pay!®” And that’s not an empty promise – it’s something that we stand by each and every day. Just check out a few of these recent review that our customers have left on, the leading trade review site, for our drain cleaning services.

Clogged sink and bathtub

We tried ourselves to unclog the sink and bathtub, without success and lots of frustration. DrainWorks responded quickly to my call. The technician fixed the problem and was done in 45 min. Definitely worth the call.

– Denise, Toronto

Kitchen Sink Clog:

Our kitchen sink clogged and we looked in the yellow pages for help. My husband called Drainworks and they said they could have someone there in 24 hrs. Matt showed up on time, was very neat and cleaned up all the mess. He explained everything and was a pleasure to deal with.

– Barb, Burlington

Clear Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain:

My kitchen sink drain was clogged on Thursday. My wife called Drainworks the next day Friday. The person on the phone was very professional and courteous. He was able to give us a service call on the sameday (thank you) and at a time that was convenient for me. Matthew, the Drainworks technician arrived on time at my house. He was polite, wore little booties over his shoes and then proceeded to assess the problem so that he can give me an accurate quote. Matt was great. He answered all our questions with good detail and professionalism. He did not rush the job, which I liked and took all precautions to protect my floors with a vinyl drop sheet should there be a drain spill. He would explain what he was doing to us and knew what he was doing. He proceeded to clear my drain in a timely manner using a power snake. Quality of the work was excellent and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely call on Drainworks (and Matt) again when needed and would recommend Drainworks to others. Well Done Matthew – thanks!

– Ed, North York

So, do you find yourself with a clogged sink or drain in the Greater Toronto Area? See how we’re different, give us a call at 416 486 0000 or use our form to book an appointment online.

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