Drain Excavation- There comes a time in the life of a plumbing pipe when it’s simply too far gone. Sometimes, when drains pipes are broken or unable to be cleared, they just have to be replaced. The causes of this can vary, but sometimes include:

  • Frozen pipes;
  • The age of the pipe: old clay pipes are particularly susceptible to breakage;
  • A buildup of too many tree roots or debris in pipes that is not addressed proactively enough.

Drain Excavation - Pipe Replacement

As your expert plumber in Toronto, we have the experience and know-how to take everything into account, assess your particular situation and make a call on what course of action best fits your needs.

In almost all situations, before one of our technicians suggests a full pipe replacement, they may try any of several methods to clear the pipe. A full drain pipe replacement through excavation is generally suggested when other things haven’t worked. So before you get to that point, there are some steps that the expert will likely go through to assess the extent of the damage.

Often, a video camera inspection is in order first to assess the damage to the pipe.

Following that, if there’s no obvious breakage and depending on the issue, the technician will usually go with one of two methods:

  • Drain Snake Rootering, which uses a plumbing snake to clear out the bits that are causing a drain blockage.
  • Hydro Jetting, which uses high-pressure water to blast the offending bits out of the pipe.

If it can’t be cleared, or the pipe is seriously damaged, a drain pipe replacement or repair may be in order.

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Why Use Drainworks for Pipe Replacements in Toronto?

DrainWorks has 20 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. While an excavation and repair or replacement of a drain pipe is an unfortunate reality in some cases, we take every measure to ensure that the process is as pleasant as possible for the homeowner.

  • We’re always sure to treat your home as if it were our own.
  • We treat drain excavations as surgical in nature, taking every measure to minimize disruption to the homeowner.
  • We take care to leave your property in pristine condition after the work is done.

For some homeowners, trenchless “no dig” pipe repair technology may even be an option. Your DrainWorks technician will lay out all the feasible options for you, and get the job done promptly, efficiently, and professionally.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from our valued customers on the website HomeStars.com. We’ve bolded a few portions for emphasis on some of the things that really set DrainWorks apart from other plumbers in Toronto.

Exterior excavation and drain repair

I had a backup and the camera showed significant damage to the drain at a spot right underneath the edge of a 2-year old driveway. Armando was a big help in diagnosing the problem and showing/explaining as much as possible to me. Walter and his crew came out to excavate and repair the problem and they were extremely professional, considerate and careful. Because the excavation had to take place half on my neighbour’s lawn, half on my driveway, I was very concerned that the excavation be done with as little inconvenience to the neighbour as possible. The hole was really about as small as it could possibly be and still leave room to repair the pipe. The excavated material was carefully contained on top of a tarp and the crew showed me the problem once they got to it, as well as the repaired drain pipe, and the new cleanouts. Once the drain was fully repaired, the material was replaced with care (good crushed stone base, soil compacted with a ‘jumping jack’ to minimize subsequent settling). The cleanouts were levelled at exactly the right height, with stone where the small section of driveway used to be, and topsoil over the lawn part. Even the stone edging was replaced with care. Walter even insisted on washing down the driveway of any little patches of tracked dirt so that literally the only thing you could see was the excavation spot. Armando came back to do a final camera inspection to show the drain from one end of my house right to the city sewer. When my neighbour got home, he was amazed by how small the impact to his lawn was, how clean a job they did, and how nicely they had left the soil. He pretty much insisted I write a review. Although I hope this is the last time I ever need any drain services, I wouldn’t consider calling anyone but Drainworks in the future.

– Dave, New Toronto

Drain pipe replacements

What, we thought, started out as a simple blockage turned into a massive project that required digging up a portion of our basement and front lawn. While the extent and cost of the project was daunting, to a man, the people from Drainworks Plumbing were knowledgeable, respectful, patient and understanding. At every step, I was shown the challenge that lay ahead and explained the reasoning. The workmen kept the site as clean as possible and went out of their way to save the flooring and outside vegetation. I couldn’t be happier and would heartily recommend their services.

–  Dennis, Toronto

We thank our past valued customers that have taken the time to leave their feedback, and look forward to serving you soon!

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Thanks for reading, Drain Excavation

The DrainWorks Team

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