Plumbers in Toronto: How to Choose the Right Company – Being Canada’s largest city, there are  hundreds, and perhaps thousands of options out there in the GTA when something goes wrong with your plumbing. When hiring a plumber, Toronto can feel daunting just due to the sheer amount of choices, especially if you’re faced with a severe plumbing situation.

To take some of the trouble out of  the ordeal, we’ve assembled this list of some basic things to keep in mind that should help with your decision. Here are a few tips to follow that should make choosing a plumber stress-free.

Plumbers in Toronto: How to Choose the Right Company

  • Before hiring a Toronto plumbing company, check with them to ensure that their plumbers and/or drain technicians are full-time employees, who work off a salary, rather than earning commission.
    • That ensures two main things. First, unlike freelance plumbers, full-time employees are accountable on an ongoing basis for the work they carry out, both to their customers and their company’s reputation.
    • Secondly, removing commission from the mix eliminates the temptation for your plumber to upsell you on services that aren’t really necessary at the time.
    • Get a price, in writing, before any work starts. It’s the best way to protect yourself from unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. And confirm with the worker that any additional work will be approved by you before it starts.
  • Avoid paying extra fees. Some companies charge more for off-hours visits, under the moniker of ‘overtime fees’. Some may even incorporate a fuel charge for their visit. Clarify with the company that work won’t be subject to extra charges.
  • Do your homework. The Internet has been a great equalizer for consumers in almost all industries in terms of getting a sense for what sort of company they’ll be dealing with. Look at sites like HomeStars, where verified customers leave their feedback of companies in the trades.
  • Ask about warranties and guarantees. Any highly-reputable plumbing company will guarantee their underground drainage repairs and offer a warranty on above ground plumbing repairs.

How DrainWorks Delivers:

We are the plumbers in Toronto that you can rely on for all your needs. Here are some ways we check all the boxes mentioned in this post.

  • DrainWorks only uses full-time, salaried employees that have previous plumbing or drain experience. Most of our employees have also been with us for many years, because they are completely accountable.
  • Our employees do not make any commission. Our plumbers and drain technicians are not there to upsell; only to solve problems.
  • Every DrainWorks job starts with an Exact-to-the-Penny quote, in writing. And we’ll never tack anything else on to the work without confirming with the customer first.
  • We never charge overtime fees, fuel costs, or extra charges. The price is the price.
  • There are a ton of verified reviews of our services — check out our Homestars page for example, where we have more than 1300 reviews, dating back years.
  • All of our underground drainage repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

And a Few Bonus Points…

  • Cleanliness: Our plumbers and drain technicians are virtually obsessed with cleanliness. It’s part of our company’s commitment to always leave your home just like we found it. Our employees even wear booties to cover their shoes when working in a customer’s home.
  • Mobile Warehouses. Our employees aren’t constantly “running out to get a part.” Their trucks are stocked with all the parts and pieces they’ll need for standard jobs, saving you time and letting you get on with the rest of your day.
  • We Will Clear It, Or You Don’t Pay! That’s our promise to you on any drain or sewer line clog or back-up.
  • We’re Toronto’s favourite: DrainWorks has been named Best Plumber in Toronto twice by Toronto Life Magazine in addition to being a multiple-time Consumer Choice Award winner.

Trust DrainWorks with all of your plumbing needs: book a plumber online or give us a call anytime of day, 416 486 0000.

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The DrainWorks Team

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