Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers – Since 1995, we’ve built our business on the hard work of the most trusted plumbers Toronto has to offer, as well as our expert, professional drain technicians. In this post, we’d like to share some of the great feedback our everyday customers have provided for our onsite employees who provide plumbing services throughout the GTA.

A quick explanation: over the past year, we’ve been getting our plumbers to ask their valued customers to write down their favourite things about DrainWorks, and snap a quick picture. It’s a testament to our excellent service that with so many of our customers, it’s no problem to do so at all! Here are some recent photos of such customers… and a few of their favourite things.

First up, here’s Bill. His favourite thing about us is how helpful and honest our employees are! Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers:

Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers1 DrainWorks

We appreciate it, and thanks to Bill for the kind comments! We certainly stake a huge part of our reputation on our plumbers being completely straightforward with the customers they serve. You can see that in our commitment to several principles:

  • Our insistence on providing a written quote, with exact, to-the-penny pricing for all your Toronto Plumbing services, before any work commences.
  • Our plumbers are renowned for keeping customers informed along every step of the way, and making their customers’ experiences as pleasant as possible.

Here’s another customer, Victoria, commenting on our plumbers’ friendliness!

Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers2 DrainWorks

Up next, we hear from Sarah. She also comments on the friendly service, and also mentions our pricing and promptness. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • All of our plumbers are full-time, salaried employees. That means that they’re not paid commission. Therefore, there’s no incentive for them to upsell you for services that you really don’t need — and they never do. We believe that this is the right approach to providing plumbing service; as the customer, you never pay more than you should for service, or extra time. And it ensures our plumbers give every customer and plumbing issue the attention they deserve, while keeping their daily work-track on-time and on schedule.
  • Unlike many other plumbing companies in the region, we have an exceptional track record of arriving on-time. We don’t believe that you deserve to waste your day waiting around, so we make sure that we arrive when we say we will. Just check out a few of our Toronto plumbing reviews on the website, and you’ll see how often our punctuality is mentioned as something that really sets us apart from the competition.
  • Our trucks also function as mobile warehouses, with all the parts that our plumbers need for the overwhelming majority of jobs. So there’s no running down to the store to pick up a part… and none of the wasted time that comes along with that.

Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers3 DrainWorks Plumbing

Finally, here’s one of our recent customers, Vivian. Her favourite thing about DrainWorks is our efficiency and quality of service.

Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers5 DrainWorks Toronto

Here’s how we strive towards that highest of standards, each and every day:

  • Being full-time employees, and not subcontractors or journeymen, our plumbers and drain technicians are completely accountable for their work, and for the company name of DrainWorks.
  • We maintain the highest standards in our hiring process to ensure that our plumbers and technicians are very experienced, knowledgeable, and able to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Our work is backed by: a 100% satisfaction guarantee; a lifetime warranty on underground drain repairs; and 1-year Parts Warranty and Workmanship Guarantee on above-ground plumbing work.
  • Our reputation means everything to us. We’ve twice been named best plumber in Toronto by Toronto Life Magazine; are a multiple time Consumer’s Choice Award Winner in the GTA; and have amassed over 1300 reviews on our page, with a sterling 9.5 out of 10 rating.

We hope that this post helps sum up why we’re your best bet for a plumber Toronto! For all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs, give us a call at 416 486 0000 … or use our online form to book a plumber in Toronto.

Thanks for reading, Spotlight on our Plumbing Customers

The DrainWorks Team

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