Tips for Spring Plumbing in Toronto – With the warmer temperatures arriving, it seems that winter may finally be in the rearview mirror throughout the GTA. And while most people are pretty excited about the change in seasons, the arrival of spring brings its own set of potential headaches for your plumbing repairs in Toronto.

Keep these 10 crucial notes in mind to make sure that your plumbing is in top condition as we head into the warmest months of the year. Tips for Spring Plumbing in Toronto:

Tips for Spring Plumbing in Toronto

Around the House:

  • If you had turned up the temperature of your water heater for the winter, don’t forget to turn it back down to normal levels. Excessively hot water is not only dangerous, but also just plain wasteful on your energy bill.
  • Spring is an ideal time of year to do some simple maintenance checks of your plumbing systems. Check for leaks and cracks in your toilet, and faucets around the house.
  • Piles of snow melting around the edge of your home can cause havoc as it seeps in through cracks in the foundation. This can be quite a common problem in basements throughout Toronto. Understand the signs of water damage, and keep a number handy for plumbing Toronto.
  • If you do discover water running in to the home, your home may need some waterproofing repairs done.
  • If you’re returning home from some time spent in warmer climates, pour some water down the drains, especially those that aren’t used as often. This should prevent the p-trap from drying out, and sewage-like smells from entering your home. This is also a good chance to ensure that all your drains are working as they should.


  • If you followed our advice for winter plumbing preparations, then you properly turned off your outdoor taps/faucets for the season. If not, you could have a problem on your hands! Inspect for leaks when you turn it back on for the first time, both outside and inside the home. A leak could be a sign of a frozen pipe.
  • If you’re safely able to, don’t forget to clear your gutters of any obstructions that might have gotten lodged over the winter.

General Tips:

  • If you’re doing your routine drain checks and find one that’s clogged, avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Instead, for the worst clogs, leave it to your Toronto Drain Cleaning experts.
  • Spring can be a good time of year for a video camera inspection, to spot and remove potentially harmful tree roots can be removed from drainage pipes before the increased water usage of the summer.
  • If you’re not sure what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to call in the expert plumbers at DrainWorks. We’ve been serving Toronto since 1995 with an unmatched commitment to exceptional customer service, every step of the way.



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