Sewer Backup In Toronto – As winter begins to fade, the snow starts to melt, and the spring rain really begins to fall in Toronto, sewer backups can be common. Of course, sewer backups can be among the nastiest problems that a homeowner has to face. Luckily, we’re the plumbers in Toronto you can trust! Sewer Backup In Toronto:

Here are some of the common causes of a sewer line backup:

  • As mentioned, an unusual amount of rain above the threshold of what the sewers are able to handle.
  • Improper disposal of goods in the toilet, garbage disposal or drains.
  • A buildup of tree roots in the drain lines;
  • Or, worst case scenario, a collapsed, broken or otherwise damaged sewer line.

Water (or even worse, sewage), which enters your home can cause major damage, and the cleanup can be costly.

Sewer Backup In Toronto

How to Prevent Sewer Backups

First of all, familiarize yourself with some of the signs of a sewer drain backup. Having that knowledge means you can react quickly, or even before things go wrong.

Even still, it’s always better to be proactive rather than finding yourself in a situation where you’re forced to be reactive. One way to ensure that your home is in good shape to prevent a sewer line backup is through a video camera inspection.

Having a video camera inspection ensures that potential causes for concern are addressed before the issue rears its ugly head, and any underlying issues are dealt with in a swift and stress-free manner.

Our camera equipment acts like “eyes in the drain line,” so to speak, showing you exactly the scope and detail of any possible issues. It will tell us if there are portions of your drain line that have been compromised by tree roots, which will make the problem even worse, if unchecked.

For a limited time, you can even get a coupon for a video camera inspection of your plumbing.

Take It From Our Customers: We’re the Sewer Backup Experts

Each spring in Toronto, we see our fair share of sewer backups. DrainWorks is the company you can trust to get your sewer backup fixed professionally and punctually.

Here are some examples of real, satisfied customers of DrainWorks, taken from the website

Drain Cleaning – Fantastic experience

We contacted DrainWorks to inspect our sewer drains and investigate the cause for the backup. Within a couple of days they had a service guy come out and take a look. They took the time to explain everything that was wrong and make many different suggestions on how to correct the situation. They did a fantastic job, very clean, knowledgeable and did the job on time and on budget. Would definitely recommend drain works to all my family and friends.

– David in Woodbridge

Sewer Backup

I had a sewer backup and i called Drainworks and the Representative i spoke to was great very knowledgeable and very efficient. He got a technician to come check out my drain asap. Now, Matthew the technician, was very efficient himself. He knew exactly what the problem was and confirmed it by putting a camera into to the sewer and ofcourse it was tree roots growing in the sewer which was causing the backup and blocking the water from flowing thru. Well ofcourse then Matthew snacked the drain and then all was well. So at this point am very happy with the service that Drainworks provided me with and will definitely recommend them to anyone.

– Janicen, Brampton

Call Us for Your Toronto Sewer Backup

DrainWorks team of full-time plumbers and drain technicians are always standing by, ready to fix your plumbing problem. Give us a call in the GTA at 416 486 0000, or use our convenient online form to book a plumber in Toronto.

Thanks for reading, Sewer Backup In Toronto

The DrainWorks Team.

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