5 Summer Plumbing Tips Toronto – It feels like just yesterday we were fighting through the snow and ice, and now, all of a sudden, summer is upon us. What does that mean for your plumbing? Well, it means some unique things that you should keep an eye on within your water and plumbing system to ensure that you make it through the summer months with no surprises or worries.

5 Summer Plumbing Tips Toronto

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most people’s water bills tend to increase during the summer months as compared to winter. You may find yourself using your washing machine more often, so it’s a good time to check the hoses for any leaks.
  • If you feel your water bill is higher than it should be, check your meter, don’t run any water for a few hours, and check it again. If you’ve seen movement, it could be a sign of a leak in your plumbing. That can add up quickly – even a small drip from a faucet or a leak can waste over 150 litres of water per week!
  • Check for any standing water in your backyard or front yard. It may be a sign of a broken, cracked or leaking pipe. Standing water can be hazardous, particularly if you have pets or kids around the house, and are an invitation for mosquitos and other insects to breed.
  • In recent years in Toronto, we’ve seen some torrential rainstorms of epic proportions. For homeowners in Toronto and surrounding areas, that can mean a wet basement or crawlspace. Recognize the signs of basement water damage, and if you see them, spring is a good time of year to have interior waterproofing or exterior basement waterproofing  done to get your home into shape for years to come – certainly more convenient than having it done during the dead of winter, at least!
  • That same rain we talked about in the last point can overwhelm Toronto’s aging sewer systems, particularly in older parts of the city. Tree roots growing into drains or sewer lines can worsen the problem. Remember, should you have a sewer backup, we offer a guarantee – we will clear it, or you don’t pay!

Trust DrainWorks with Your Toronto Plumbing Services this Summer

We are the plumbers Toronto relies on and we’re on call for you all summer long. We’re a bit different than a lot of companies in Toronto. We only use our own, fully-licensed employees – not subcontractors – so our plumbers and technicians are always accountable for their work. Our staff is all on salary – so there’s no temptation for them to upsell you into services your eally don’t need in order to earn greater commissions for themselves.

And we’re committed to always providing the best customer service you’ll find in the Toronto plumbing industry. From drain cleaning to rootering, hydro jetting to waterproofing, and everything in between, we do the job on-time, on-budget and to our customers’ satisfaction.

For all your plumbing issues in Toronto, give us a call (416 486 0000), or fill out our online form to book a plumber in Toronto at your convenience.

Thanks for reading, 5 Summer Plumbing Tips Toronto

The DrainWorks Team.

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