Efficient, Clear And Friendly – Here at DrainWorks, we’re pretty proud of the reputation we’ve built up in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area over the years. Every once in a while, we like to share some of the feedback left by our customers on the site HomeStars.com.

If you don’t know, HomeStars is a review platform where homeowners can leave their thoughts on the contractors and tradespeople that they have into their home to fix their various issues. DrainWorks is among the most reviewed companies on the entire site, and maintains a sterling average rating of 9.5 out of 10 from over 1300 reviews.

Here’s a look at some of the recent comments left by our customers that underline the BIG DrainWorks difference when you’re looking for a Toronto plumber.   

Efficient, Clear And Friendly

Up first, we hear from Teresa, who had a problem with tree roots in her pipes, and came to DrainWorks after feeling a bit put-off by another company’s high work estimate. Efficient, Clear And Friendly:

From the moment I spoke to William on the phone to the last handshake with Mathew when the job was complete, I could not have been more satisfied. I was given a high quote by another company and a friend recommended I call Drainworks. Best decision. Mathew was an amazing technician, he walked me through everything he was checking, investigating, after my sewer backed up in my basement. By the time he finished the service call, I had a clear understanding of the pipes in my house and that tree roots had caused my pipes to crack and back up. He showed me the camera footage, and took the time to answer all of my questions. Then the day of the job, was told 2 day job, finished by dinner time in 1 day…The crew and Frank were so polite, efficient, took great care of my property, by the time they were done you would never had known hours earlier there was a 7 foot hole in my garden. And my basement floor and tenant’s apartment had no sign of bags of dirt and dug up floors. Mathew returned for inspection and again his personality and the way he communicates with customers, kudo’s to Drainworks for finding him. He was efficient, clear and friendly…Great job! Thank you.

Teresa, Toronto

The preceding review certainly hits on a lot of points that we stake our name on, so it’s always great to hear those points echoed by our customers: our technicians’ insistence on keeping the customer informed, treating our clients’ properties as if they’re our own, our professional and friendly staff, and all around commitment to customer service. Here’s another recent piece of feedback that mentions our efficiency and customer service:

I called Drainworks because my basement drain was backed up and leaking into my laundry room. On the phone they told me someone would be at my home within an hour to service the problem. Within 45 minutes I received another call informing me of a more approximate time. Once the service man came he diagnosed the problem, quickly and informed me of the problem. He then explained what needed to be done and the cost. Within an hour my drain was fixed! Overall from phone call to fixed drain it took less than 4 hours! Great service, I would highly recommend them.

Harriett, Toronto

One of the common themes between those two reviews is our speed of service: from the actual time it took to arrive at the property, to the efficiency with which our plumbers and technicians carry out their work. Here’s one more review from May that drives that point home:

After several visits from referred plumbers I called Drainworks as they had done minor work for me in the past. In 20 minutes Armando and his team had identified the sewer fly and drainage issue. Work was completed in a few days. Armando had provided images of the work at every stage. There are no more sewer flies and drains are working properly. Armando and his team were great and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Dan, Scarborough

If you’re not completely convinced yet that DrainWorks is the company for your Toronto plumbing services, check out this post with our plumbing customers showing what they like best about DrainWorks.

In summary, here just a few of the things that really set us apart from the other plumbing companies in Toronto and the GTA:

  • We always provide a written quote, up-front, before any work starts. And we quote right down to the penny. There are no surprises for our customers. As part of that, we never ding our customers with hidden fees, like some other companies do, such as overtime charges, fuel charges or the like. The price you see is the price you pay.
  • As several of the reviews mentioned, our staff’s communication with our clients is second to none, always keeping them informed of exactly what’s happening, the progress of the work. They are also friendly, approachable and professional, always happy to answer any questions that may spring up for our customers as they go through the work process.
  • Unlike other companies, we don’t use subcontractors or journeymen plumbers. All of our plumbers and drain technicians are full-time, salaried staff. So they’re always accountable to the name of the company, and don’t have any incentive to upsell our clients into services they really don’t need — and we know that our customers greatly appreciate the no-pressure approach.

You can see from these and other reviews that we stand out from the pack in providing Toronto plumbing services. But you don’t even have to take our word for it: we’ve twice been named best plumber in Toronto by none other than the prestigious Toronto Life Magazine, and are one of the few companies in our industry to carry the mark of Baeumler Approved, a testament to our high quality work and service.

Give us a call the next time you need plumbing in Toronto: 416 486 0000.

Thanks for reading, Efficient, Clear And Friendly

The DrainWorks Team

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