Fixing Your Drains Throughout Toronto – A malfunctioning drain can be a real drag. Whether it’s a straightforward clog caused by a buildup of food, hair, or other junk, or a more serious issue in the pipes, drain issues can prove to be a hassle for homeowners.

Fixing Your Drains Throughout Toronto:

That’s why, at DrainWorks, we strive to make the situations as pleasant as possible. We know that nobody’s idea of a fun evening or weekend is to have the plumber hanging out around the house. That being said, we take significant steps to ensure the drain repair process is as smooth as possible. We identify the issue, fix it, and let you get on with the rest of your day as quickly as possible – while providing the friendly, knowledgable service that our plumbers and drain technicians have become renowned for. It’s why we’re your trusted plumber, Toronto.Fixing Your Drains Throughout Toronto

Don’t just take our own word for it. We’ve been named the Best Plumber in the City (twice!) by Toronto Life Magazine. We’re also a 13-time Consumer’s Choice award winner for drain plumbing excellence in the city. And finally, we have thousands of online reviews that back up our commitment to providing excellent experiences for our customers. Here are a few we’ve picked out from that demonstrate the BIG DrainWorks difference first-hand.

Clear sewer drain

Thank you so much to Drainworks for clearing my sewer drain. William at your call centre was polite and courteous. Matt, the service technician, was great. He was professional and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend your service to friends!

Katrina in Burlington

This next review talks about how our expert drain technician used a video camera inspection to quickly spot the drain issue and address it professionally.

Main drain in basement very smelly, it needed to be looked at by a professional. 

Parents basement was VERY smelly, we worried that the main drain was backed up or damaged by tree roots. We called Drainworks and within a few hours Matt arrived, he was very professional and educated us during the inspection. He used a 80′ snake to get into the drain which had a camera on it so we could see EVERYTHING … there was some blockage of rock and grease which he cleared and proceeded to check our entire drain which connects to the main city sewer system. Everything turned out to be fine, it was the blockage but at least we have peace of mind knowing that the main drain is in good condition considering the house is over 50 years old … we always worried that tree roots could be damaging the drain since there is a HUGE tree on the front yard and we’ve seen horror stories. The cost was $140 but I would say it was well worth it, very professional and kind and you learn a thing or two during the process. Would highly recommend Drainworks!

Mark & Sandy, Mississauga

While it would be nice if every drain repair was a simple clog, sometimes the problem lies deeper. Here’s a recent project we did. Note this customer’s praise for our professionalism in both providing updates to them, and leaving the area around his home as nicely as we found it.

Drain pipe replacements

What, we thought, started out as a simple blockage turned into a massive project that required digging up a portion of our basement and front lawn. While the extent and cost of the project was daunting, to a man, the people from Drainworks Plumbing were knowledgeable, respectful, patient and understanding. At every step, I was shown the challenge that lay ahead and explained the reasoning. The workmen kept the site as clean as possible and went out of their way to save the flooring and outside vegetation. I couldn’t be happier and would heartily recommend their services.

-Dennis, Toronto

Your Trusted Toronto Plumbing Company.drainworks customer review - toronto

Our customers are nearly universal in their overwhelming praise for our services; to the right you’ll see a photo, taken in the last week, of a customer named Joe. Joe’s favourite thing about us is a common theme: our professionalism. Thanks for taking the time to share!

And remember, if you’re hiring a plumber in Toronto, or a drain technician, we certainly have you covered with the items that set us apart from the crowd. Give us a ring for your next drain repair job – we’ll be there on-time, on-budget and won’t leave until the job is done right. We’re standing by for you at 416 486 0000.

Thanks for reading, Fixing Your Drains Throughout Toronto

The DrainWorks Team.

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