Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Toronto – With the heat we’ve experienced lately, it’s safe to say we’ve entered the dog days of summer. With that comes its own set of plumbing issues that become more common when the weather is warm and the sun is shining.

Here are some things to keep in mind for your plumbing and water usage during these warm months, to ensure that your summer doesn’t become a bummer (that requires a trip from the plumber!) Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Toronto:

Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Toronto

Summer plumbing tip #1: Remember, water usage tends to be higher during the summer months. This can be due to increased laundry usage; watering of outdoor lawns and gardens (that’s a big one); and people being home more often (if you have kids, relatives in from out of town, etc.), in addition to other factors that can lead to increased water usage.
How to prevent problems: Be conscious of the fact that for many households, water consumption goes up 2 times or more during the warmer summer months as compared to winter – and avoid sticker shock when your bill arrives.

Tip #2: Building off that last point of increased water usage with more people around the house, your toilets may also see increased usage. If you’ve got an older unit, it may be a good time to replace your toilet, as the cost-savings you can see over the long haul can be substantial.
How to prevent problems: if you have kids (or guests) around the house, remind them of the items that should not be flushed down the toilet to avoid a clog.

Tip #3: Ensure that water is not going to waste due to breakage in your water/plumbing connections and appliances. Sprinkler heads, for one, are not always built to last, and a broken head can end up wasting significant amounts of water.
How to prevent problems: Do a quick check each time you’re turning your sprinkler on to make sure the water is flowing through it properly and not erratically.

Tip #4: Although ‘garburators’ are technically outlawed in the city of Toronto (due to environmental concerns), DrainWorks does service other municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area where they are still permitted. If you are using one in your kitchen, be careful with what you’re putting down it.
How to prevent problems: Avoid putting the following down the garbage disposal: hard food waste, like pits and corn cobs, any fibrous vegetables, as well as starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes which can end up expanding and clog things up.

Tip #5: Sewer line backups can be an unfortunate fact of life during summer in Toronto. It seems that once or twice a summer, we get a torrential downpour that completely overwhelms the sewer system. Adding to the trouble is that summer is a fertile time for underground tree root growth into your drains. The worst case scenario is that the rain ends up backing into your home.
How to prevent problems: A video camera inspection from your local Toronto plumber is commonly a first step towards spotting tree roots that are creeping into your lines.
One option to prevent sewer backup into your home may be a backwater valve installation. The DrainWorks Team can assist you in navigating the City of Toronto’s rebate program towards the cost of installation, if it is deemed necessary.

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