Replacing Drains in Toronto – Sometimes, despite the best efforts of an expert plumber, a main drain needs to be replaced.

The reasons to replace a drain in Toronto be varied, including:

  • Aging pipes with cracks, holes, rusted through. A variety of factors can cause holes in pipes over the years.
  • Pipes made out of older materials such as clay, which can break down over decades. This is particularly problematic in some older neighbourhoods of the city such as North Toronto, Rosedale, East York and the like. Aging plumbing infrastructure gives way as time takes its toll.
  • Tree roots growing into the drain line. While many people dream of living on a tree-lined street in Toronto, those mature trees can cause problems for your plumbing. Roots are naturally drawn toward the perfect environment of underground drain pipes, so it can be quite a common problem to run into throughout the GTA. If the roots are severe enough, clearing them via rootering or hydro jetting may not be feasible.
  • During cold snaps in the winter, some pipes can be at risk of freezing and rupturing.
  • A variety of other causes.

Replacing Drains in TorontoIn some instances, fixing a clogged drain is a straightforward job requiring the use of a rooter, or an auger. But if you have a problem such as the ones listed above, drain replacement may be your best bet. While a full drain replacement can be quite the undertaking, sometimes it is just a fact of life. Fortunately, we’re experienced in dealing with the problem and will make the process as painless as possible for you, the valued client and homeowner. Replacing Drains in Toronto:

Diagnosing a Broken Pipe

Though every plumbing case is unique – and that’s why it’s so essential to go with a highly experienced Toronto plumber that has “seen it all” – many jobs that turn into a drain pipe replacement begin with a video camera inspection. Think of it as a plumbers’ version of a surgical scope; it allows the drain technician to get right in and assess the issue.

If drain rootering and hydro jetting are not options, the plumber may call for a pipe replacement. You’ll receive an exact, written quote for the work to be carried out, and the specialists will keep you informed every step of the way.

Drain Replacements in Toronto

Here are a few recent pieces of real customer feedback from the website on drain replacement issues. First up we hear from T. Smith in Toronto:

Main Drain Replacement

About 7 months after moving into our new home, we discovered that roots had taken over the main drain from the house. This required a complete replacement of all of the old clay pipes, under the basement floor and out through the front yard.

We called DrainWorks for a second quote, which came in about $2,000 less than the quote from another company. Armando came to give the quote, and was thorough and helpful. He also led the crew when the work was done. The entire crew was great – on time and hardworking.

The first day involved digging two 8-foot deep pits in the front yard, and by the end of the day, you couldn’t tell that anything had happened. They returned everything to how they found it. Everyone we dealt with from the company was friendly, efficient, punctual and a pleasure to work with. I could not be happier and highly recommend them!

You’ll notice this review touches on several points: clay pipes that became susceptible to tree root damage in an older area of Toronto. This piece of feedback, we feel, gives a true representation of what you can expect from your trusted plumbing company in Toronto.

Up next, we hear from Kelly M., also in Toronto.

Drain pipe replacement

I have been using them since the 90s. This was work done inside my home. There were great. It was done in a day and they left NO mess. I would recommend them to anyone with drain issues.

It’s fantastic to hear from longtime customers of ours. Of course, we don’t like to visit someone’s home too often! But it’s wonderful to know that our commitment to service has remained strong since our company’s founding in 1995.

Here is one more story of a pipe replacement, from customer Nancy.

Replace pipes and weeping tiles

Water and dirt kept coming up through a basement drains during heavy rainstorms. Looked online for companies to repair it and decided on Drain Works as they had many favourable reviews. Matt came over within an hour of my call which I was very pleased with and told us what he thought should be done and at a reasonable price. A work crew arrived in a few days which was earlier than originally planned. They replaced a lot of old pipes clogged with dirt and put in new weeping tiles also filled with dirt. Everything was done very efficiently and professionally and the clean up was so well done you’d never think anything had happened. No more water leaks! Would recommend Drain Works without hesitation. Thank you.

Drain Repairs and Replacements: It’s In Our Name

Put your faith in the expert plumber Toronto trusts at DrainWorks to assess whether or not you need a drain pipe replacement. We’re available for your plumbing problems at all times of day, every day of the year. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak to a friendly dispatcher who will point you in the right direction – 416 486 0000.

Or fill out our online form to get a plumbing quote in Toronto today.

Thanks for reading,  Replacing Drains in Toronto
The DrainWorks Team.

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